Set up Client Secret Connection to Dynamics

Steps in Microsoft Azure

  1. Navigate to and login.

  2. Navigate to Azure Active Directory > App Registrations > New Registration

    Step 2 in Microsoft Azure

  3. Register your Application.

    1. Enter an Application name.

    2. Select which account types you wish to access this API.

    3. Click Register.

    Step 3 in Microsoft Azure

  4. Copy the Application (client) ID and note it for later use.

    Step 4 in Microsoft Azure

  5. Create a new Client Secret for the Application.

    1. Select Certificates & secrets > New Client Secret

    2. Enter a description, select an expiry duration and click Add.

      Step 5 in Microsoft Azure

  6. Copy the client secret and note it for later use. Make sure to copy the Value field, as below.

    Step 6 in Microsoft Azure

  7. Grant Microsoft Dynamics permissions.

    1. Select API Permissions > Add a Permission > Dynamics CRM

    2. Select the checkbox for user_impersonation.

    3. Click Add permissions.

      Step 7 in Microsoft Azure

Steps in Microsoft Dynamics 365

  1. Login to your Dynamics 365 instance.

  2. Under Settings, select Security > Users. Change the view to Application Users and click New.

    Step 2 in Microsoft Dynamics 365

  3. Enter the Application user’s information.

    1. Paste the application ID previously noted in the Azure component into the Application ID field.

    2. Enter the user’s full name.

    3. Enter the Primary Email and click Save (User Name field should be automatically populated based on the primary email).

    Step 3 in Microsoft Dynamics 365

  4. Assign administrator permissions to the application user.

    1. Select the user and click Manage Roles > System Administrator > OK

      Step 4 in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Steps in Sitefinity

  1. Navigate to the backend of your portal site

  2. Go to Administration > Portal Connector Configuration

    Step 2 in Sitefinity

  3. Fill in the Dynamics CRM connection settings

    1. Under Connection Type select Client Secret

    2. Under Server URL, Enter the URL to your dynamics server using the appropriate format, examples of which are displayed below the field.

    3. Under Application (client) ID, paste the Application (Client) ID noted previously in the Azure Active Directory section.

    4. Under Client Secret, paste the Client Secret copied and noted previously in the Azure Active Directory section.

    Step 3 in Sitefinity

  4. Click Save & Test Connection.