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The Portal Connector for Dynamics 365 and The Power Platform enables you to rapidly deliver a flexible, scalable and highly secure web portal solution that provides immediate communication with your customers, vendors, and partners that can be tracked and reported on – without the need for coding, custom programming, or other complex technical requirements.

What is a web portal?

A seamless two-way integration between your existing Microsoft Dynamics information and a secure, customizable online portal gives you more effective, accurate, and profitable Customer Service experiences faster.

The Portal Connector Benefits

Improve your customer experience with the portal connector for dynamics 365


Create any CRM portal or Dynamics portal to meet your business needs, with any Version of Dynamics CRM/365, Host anywhere.


Customize your web portal to include any entity in Dynamics CRM/365 or CDS including Custom Entities.

Cost Certainty

Stop paying for Portal logins and page views! Our 1 time purchase with maintenance is predictable and cost effective.


Daily Q&A sessions allow you to speak with product developers to answer any questions. Yes, a person!

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Portal Hero Blog

Hi! I'm Portal Hero. Welcome to my blog! Here you can find advice, how-to's and insights shared by The Portal Connector Team to help YOU become a Portal Hero in your organization.

The Unfortunate Truth Behind Low Code/No Code Platforms

Data security is always front of mind, at least it should be. The Portal Connector understands the risk associated with non technical people configuring a portal. Learn more about how we as a team provide services to help you feel in control over your security in this technical world.
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Perplexed About Multiplexing? You're Not Alone.

What is Multiplexing? How does Multiplexing impact my portal? How can I be sure that Multiplexing will not impact my licensing requirements for Dynamics 365?
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Risk vs Reward in choosing a Portal Solution

Custom developed portal or The Portal Connector? How risk, fit, and needs plays an important role in your daily life and your technology decisions.
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Licensing Costs Matter

Businesses are looking for ways to deliver more value with fixed and predictable costs.
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