Auditing Reports

In The Portal Connector version 6.0 or later, Portal Connector Auditing Reports can be used to conveniently filter and present auditing data using pre-configured Reports.

  • Configuration
  • Working with Reports


Before generating reports, you must select the data to be audited.

  1. From the Portal Dashboard, navigate to Administration > Auditing.
  2. Ensure that options for Login, Login Attempts, and Logout under Audit Settings are checked.
  3. Click Save Settings.

Auditing Report Configuration


Working with TPC Auditing Reports

To access TPC Auditing Reports, from the Portal Dashboard, navigate to Administration > Auditing Reports.

Report Options

The following options are provided to customize the Report:

  • Select Report - View a Login Audit Report By Users, or By Date.
  • Select User - View reporting for all users or specific users.
  • Start Date - The start date for the reporting period.
  • End Date - The end date for the reporting period.

Auditing Report Options

Exporting Reports

To export a Report, click on the Export dropdown, then select the desired file type from the Export menu. The following file types are available:

  • Acrobat (PDF)
  • CSV (comma delimited)
  • Excel 97-2003
  • Rich Text Format
  • TIFF
  • Web Archive
  • XPS Document

Auditing Report Export