Installation of TPC Ecommerce

One of the main features of TPC 6.2 is TPC Ecommerce. This gives Portal administrators the ability to connect their Portal sites to Commerce related entities in Dynamics 365 such as Order and Price List. But before you can begin utilizing its features, please ensure that:

  • Your Sitefinity version is at least 14.0 as TPC Ecommerce is only available on Sitefinity CMS versions 14.0 and above. 
  • Your webapp is on Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8.
  • The products, bundles, units and pricing are configured properly in CRM. Please refer to Set up a product catalog Walkthrough. It is also important to note how prices are calculated for product bundles. It is recommended that bundles only contain required products, as optional products will compound the pricing calculation. See How are prices calculated for product bundles? (Dynamics 365 Sales) for more information.

Before you install The Portal Connector Ecommerce Module, ensure your TPC license up-to-date and is properly licensed for TPC Ecommerce. To Install the TPC Ecommerce Module, go to Administration > Modules and Services and install The Portal Connector (Ecommerce).

Finally, go to the TPC Configuration and reinitialize the Portal. This is an important step to synchronize your ecommerce widgets with the CRM. However, before you can drag and drop your ecommerce widgets on a page, you should configure the Payment Provider.