Fixing Special Characters on your Portal

Sitefinity supports many different languages. By default, all the Latin characters and most non-Latin characters will display accurately. However in some instances, non-Latin characters will not display properly.

An order to fix this issue, we need to force our application to use UTF-8 (Unicode Transformation Format) Unicode standards, which will replace the excising character set. (For more Information about HTML Unicode References Click here:

Please follow these steps to set your application to use UTF-8.

  1. From the root of your Sitefinity application locate your web.config file.  Refer to the the screen shot below: 

  2. Open the web.config file -> find the <System.web> tag -> find the <globalization> tag and add fileEncoding=”utf-8” attribute to the tag. It will look like this. 

  3.  Restart your application for the changes that you made to be effect.