Configure Sylogist Payment Provider

To use Sylogist Pay, the merchant must get onboarded with Sylogist Pay. After onboarding, a hosted payment page URL will be provided to the merchant which will have information for the Sylogist Pay configuration. It will be in the following format:

The Redirect Url is the domain name along with the page of the hosted payment page. Using example above, it will be:

Once Portal administrators have this information, they can configure Sylogist Pay on the Portal. To configure Sylogist Pay, go to:

Administrator > Settings > Advanced Settings >  PortalconnectoMvcEcommerce > Payment Providers > Sylogist Pay

Fill out all the necessary fields that comes back from the hosted payment page. For Additional Parameters to carry forward from the CRM during payment, you can add the following parameters as comma separated values:


Note, Amount is a required Additional Parameter, so you must add this.

After a Redirect URL has been created, add the subdomain and domain name portion of the URL to thesecurity policy of your Portal site. Go to the WebSecurity settings and add in the URL of the payment provider that you are integrating with TPC Ecommerce. Specifically, add this policy to the Frames under ‘self’. In the case of Sylogist Pay, you need to add https://{subdomain name} to the Frames.