Migrations API


The migrations API is a very self-explanatory fluent API. Below is an example of the various functions available for use in the code behind. The API is currently only accessible from within the Sitefinity App itself, to schedule migrations or migrate from outside of the Sitefinity App, a connection layer must be developed to trigger these APIs.


using pavliks.PortalConnector.Migrations; // Export all pages to QA App.WorkWith()     .Migrations()     .NewMigration("QA")     // All pages, can be filtered using the Func below     .ForPages(p => true)     // Example settings     .ExportUsersAndRoles(false)     .ExportMedia(false)     .ExportPermissions(true)     .ExportResourcePackages(true)     // Setting the name of the migration     .WithName("Migrate All Pages -> QA")          // schedule for 10 minutes from now     //.ScheduleFor(DateTime.Now.AddMinutes(10));          // At second :00 of minute :00 of every hour     //.ScheduleRecurring("0 0 * ? * * *");          // immediately     .ScheduleNow();