Configure Flat Rate Shipping and Pickup  

To configure the Flat Rate Shipping, go to: 

Administration > Setting > Advanced Setting > PortalConnectorMvcEcommerce > Shipping Providers > Flat Rate Shipping 


The Shipping Rate is the dollar amount you will charge as a Flat Rate on the shipment. You can check Apply To Each Item and it will incrementally add that value to each item in the cart (e.g., if there are 3 items at the rate of $2 each, the frontend user will get charged $6 in shipping).  

Portal administrators can also configure Pickup. The Pickup option is to be used if the frontend user wants to directly go to the shipping provider and pick up the package. To configure the Pickup, select the Pickup option from the list of Shipping Providers. You should see the following settings: 


The Processing Fee is the most important field in this setting and it determines the cost that is applied when the user goes and picks up the package.