The Portal Connector - Power Automate


The Portal Connector Power Platform (Power Automate) module is an enterprise level module that enables Power Automate integration for The Portal Connector. 


  • A valid Enterprise Portal Connector license or a valid Standard Portal Connector license including the Power Automate addon.
  • A Portal website with a publicly accessible URL, and the Power Platform module installed and enabled.
  • A Power Platform API Key generated by the Portal website (instructions below).
  • A valid license for Power Automate that includes access to Premium connectors.
  • (Optional) The Portal Connector configured to connect to a Dynamics 365 instance.

Generating an API Key

  1. Navigate to /Sitefinity of the Portal website.
  2. Login to the Sitefinity instance using an Administrative account.
  3. Click Administration > The Portal Connector > Power Platform.
  4. PowerAutomate1

  5. Click API Keys, and then Create.
  6. PowerAutomate2

  7. Click Generate Key.
  8. PowerAutomate3

  9. Your API Key has been created, make sure to store this somewhere secure.

Power Automate Integration

Now that you have installed the Power Platform (Power Automate) module and generated an API key, you are ready to integrate your Portal website into the Power Automate cloud platform.

  1. Navigate to Power Automate in a supported browser.
  2. In the menu on the left side, click on Connections. Click New Connection.
  3. PowerAutomate4

  4. Search for TPC Portal in the list of All Connectors. Once you find TPC Portal, click on The Portal Connector icon.
  5. PowerAutomate5

  6. Create a connection to your portal website by adding in the API Key and Portal URL, and then clicking Create.
  7. PowerAutomate6

  8. You should now see the TPC Portal in the Connections list. You are now ready to use The Portal Connectors actions in triggers in your flows!
  9. PowerAutomate7