Upgrading from TPC 4.3 to TPC 5.0

  • 1. Prerequisites
  • 2. Preparing for Upgrade
  • 3. Installation
  • 4. Additional Steps


  • Sitefinity 10.0 and above installed.
  • The Portal Connector 4.3 successfully installed on the Sitefinity site
  • A Portal Connector license applicable for the version you are upgrading to
  • Visual Studio 2012 or greater

Preparing for Upgrade

  1. We recommend that you take a backup of all the website files and a backup of the database (Refer to this article regarding how create a database backup).
  2. Identify the Sitefinity version of the target site. To do this, navigate to the Sitefinity backend, select Administration and then Version & Licensing.
    TPC 5.0 Licensing Page
  3. With this version, we’re able to download our Portal Connector release. Login to The Portal Connector website and navigate to the downloads page.
  4. On the left-hand side, select the version you want, in this case we’re upgrading to TPC 5.0
    TPC 5.0 Download Files
  5. Download the release appropriate to your Sitefinity version from Step 2.

If your version is not found in the list, The Portal Connector is either not supported for that release of Sitefinity or in the case of a recent Sitefinity release, we’re still testing the release with the latest Portal Connector version. For all questions about versioning please contact support@crmportalconnector.com


  1. Navigate to your Sitefinity sites’ installation directory in Explorer
  2. Extract the contents of the zip file you downloaded previously into the bin folder, overwrite all changes.
  3. Navigate to the site backend and then to the Portal Connector Configuration menu after the site has spun up
  4. Under the General Settings tab click on Install CRM Solution to upgrade the CRM solution to the newest version.
    This step is extremely important as existing communication functionality between Dynamics CRM and The Portal Connector will not work after an upgrade to TPC 5.0 for security reasons. If you are having issues installing the new solution please reach out to support@crmportalconnector.com
  5. Log into Dynamics CRM and verify the solution has been upgraded to at least 5.0
  6. The site has now been upgraded to TPC 5.0 

The new features, Migrations and FormFlow are installed as separate modules in Sitefinity. To install these modules navigate to the Sitefinity backend under Administration > Modules & Services scroll down to find The Portal Connector (Migrations) and The Portal Connector (Form Flow). Select Actions and then Install on the modules you wish to install.

TPC 5.0 Modules

The Portal Connector (Form Flow) module is a licensed module. If you did not have a valid license prior to the TPC 5.0 launch then you will have to purchase this addon seperately or as part of The Portal Connector Enterprise edition. Any inquries regarding Portal Connector sales can be directed to sales@crmportalconnector.com

Additional Steps

Review the breaking changes and take the appropriate actions: