How to configure editable grids

Editable Grids

PLEASE NOTE: This feature is only available in TPC 6.1 or later.

The following editors are available for Inline Editing:

  • Picklist
  • Text Field
  • Status
  • Yes/No Field
  • Lookup
  • Date Time Field

How to enable Inline Editing for Grids

  1. Drag a Grid to a page then click “Edit”.
  2. Select the “Data” tab and choose your entity. Adjust your FetchXML, if needed.
  3. Select the “Settings” tab and check “Enable Inline Editing”.
  4. Select the “Columns” tab and check all the columns you want to be editable in the grid:
  5. Save your changes, and the columns will now be editable in the grid.

Editor configuration

The editors listed below allow you to configure them in more depth, following these steps:

  • Lookup
  • Text Field
  • Date Time
  1. Inside the column editor, check the “Edit” option and click the “Define” link that appears.

  2. Picture5
  3. In the window that opens, you can save configurations for the type of attribute being edited (i.e.: lookups).

  4. Picture6