Synchronizing Entities to Build Forms

PLEASE NOTE: This applies to version 5.1 or earlier. In The Portal Connector version 5.2 or later, synchronizing Dynamics Metadata is now handled automatically. Metadata gets synchronized on-demand, so if the metadata is empty it will be queried the next time a user or developer does something that requires metadata. 

Any entity (Out of the box or custom) in Dynamics CRM can be linked to The Portal Connector .

Once logged into the Administration area of Sitefinity, click on The Portal Connector menu item at the top and select CRM Entities.


Adding an Entity

To Add an Entity click the Create a CRM Entity button at the top.

Select which Entity you wish to link to The Portal Connector from the drop down list.

NOTE: If the Entity you wish to use is not listed you will need to update the metadata in The Portal Connector by going into CRM, editing the Portal record, and selecting yes for Update Portal Entity. This may take 1-2 minutes to reflect in The Portal Connector entity list.

Then click the Publish button. It may take up to 3 minutes for the metadata to be appropriately synchronized with The Portal Connector.
Please follow this link for the detailed documentation on how to add an entity to Sitefinity : Registering Dynamic CRM Entities in Sitefinity

Deleting an Entity

If you no longer need an entity linked to The Portal Connector, selecting the Entity and clicking the Delete button will remove it from the system.

This will not delete the Entity from Dynamics CRM, it will only remove the link.

Any forms or pages that require the entity may no longer function properly. Adding the Entity back will rectify the issue.

Re-Publishing an Entity

Anytime changes are made to an Entity’s structure in Dynamics CRM, the metadata needs to be refreshed in The Portal Connector.

You can refresh the metadata for the Entity by selecting the Entity and choosing Publish under the More actions menu.