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The Portal Connector gives you a simple, flexible portal for data in Microsoft Dynamics 365/Dataverse. The portal improves communication with customers, vendors, partners and even the public. Best of all you can achieve this without the need for coding, or custom programming. 

What is a web portal?

Two-way integration between Microsoft Dynamics data and the portal gives customers a better experience.

The Portal Connector Benefits

Improve your customer experience with the portal connector for dynamics 365


Create any Dynamics portal to meet your business needs, with any Version of Dynamics 365, Host anywhere.


Customize your web portal to include any entity in Dynamics 365 or CDS including Custom Entities.

Cost Certainty

Stop paying for Portal logins and page views! Our 1 time purchase with maintenance is predictable and cost effective.


Daily Q&A sessions allow you to speak with product developers to answer any questions. Yes, a person!

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Portal Hero Blog

Hi! I'm Portal Hero. Welcome to my blog! Here you can find advice, how-to's and insights shared by The Portal Connector Team to help YOU become a Portal Hero in your organization.

Who Are We?

Well, let us explain through our features, integrations and customer service offerings. Let's get your questions answered.
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Grids Can Get Creative, Can you?

Using Grid and List views for CRM data? Learn how to add, edit or view your records in your desired way. Maybe you want to show off your style skills, The Portal Connector offers limitless possibilities. Let us show you how.
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Introduction to The Portal Connector NuGet

Learn how NuGet is a game changer for your Portal Connector set up and installation.
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Fun With Grids

The Portal Connector knows how popular the grid widget is. Well here is your chance to become a master of the grids. Read along and try out these tips and tricks! Discover some new features throughout your read!
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