The Portal Connector Release Notes -

Release Notes - Version 5.2

New Features

  • TPC Metadata

    Metadata for MVC widgets has been completely revamped to be more efficient and reliable than before. If you are using WebForms widgets these new changes will not apply to your page.
  • Add Bootstrap 4/Kendo SAAS Theme Support

    Added support for Bootstrap 4 to all Portal Connector MVC widget views and new SASS based themes for Kendo.
  • TPC Page Export Widget

    New widget adds page export feature found in the WebForms widgets to the MVC widgets. Can be configured to export PDF, PNG and SVG files.
  • TPC Form Flow - Action Node

    Added new node type to FormFlow: Action. This node allows for the execution of CRM actions. In parameters are configured to use fields from a previous form and out parameters can be added to the query string.
  • TPC Form Flow - Loopback Functionality

    Added ability to configure FormFlow nodes to loop back to any other node. This allows FormFlows to return users to any other node in the flow.
  • TPC Knowledge Base - Subjects Widget

    Added a new Knowledge Base Subjects widget that allows for subject filtering of the TPC Knowledge Base and TPC Knowledge Base Search widgets.
    TPC Knowledge Base - Subjects Widget

Feature Enhancements

  • TPC SharePoint Connection Manager - Improved Performance

    Added connection caching to the SharePoint connection. this will reduce the need to re-authenticate and in turn improve performance.
  • TPC Services - Mixed Encryption

    Added support for mixed encryption in all page widget web services. Allowing users to pass in unencrypted or encrypted guids to the service for filtering or otherwise.
  • TPC SharePoint - Manager Events

    Added new Events to the EventHub for the TPC SharePoint Widget. Refer to Tpc SharePoint Events for more information.
  • TPC Rules Manager - Set field to field

    Added ability for the rules manager to set a field from another field.
  • TPC Rules Manager - Multiselect "Contains" trigger

    Added support for multi-select picklists in the TPC Rules Manager. The rules manager now properly handles the selection of multiple values when the field is a multi-select picklist.
  • TPC Static Value - Multiselect Picklist support

    Added support for multi-select picklists to the TPC Static Value widget. This allows the setting of multiple options in a hidden field for Online CRM instances with multi-select picklists configured.
  • TPC SharePoint Grid - Large File Upload

    Added support for very large files in SharePoint grid. Files are uploaded in pieces to prevent timeout and are downloaded to the browser via a stream significantly reducing server memory usage.
  • TPC Knowledge Base - Filter on Fetch XML

    Added the ability to filter using FetchXML for the Knowledge Base and Knowledge Base Search widgets.
  • TPC Boolean - Load empty record with default value from CRM

    When creating a new record, TPC Boolean fields will now load using the Default Value set in Dynamics CRM.
  • TPC Grid Service - Cache Data

    Added a new bool option "CacheData" that caches the data on the page and avoids any web service calls until subsequent read calls are executed.
  • TPC Picklist - Default Value

    Added default value loading from CRM. This can be over-ridden in the designer when a different default value is needed.
  • TPC Notes - Embedded Documents View

    Added an Enhancement to the TPC Notes Widget that allows embedded documents to be viewed directly within the widget.
  • TPC Migrations - Scan External JavaScript Files

    Added an Enhancement to the TPC Migrations Widget that scans all external JavaScript files for content such as Saved Queries and Page/Form Id's, and will add any dependencies it finds to the migration.
  • TPC Migrations - Names for Offline Migrations

    Added an Enhancement to the TPC Migrations Widget for Offline Migrations that names the .zip file according to the name of the migration.
  • TPC Migrations - Owner Support

    Added an Enhancement to the TPC Migrations Widget that allows for the Owners of content to be exported using the new Advanced Option ExportOwners.
  • TPC JavaScript API - Widget Type

    Added a new function to all TPC Form and Page Widgets that can be used to return the widget type name. This function can be called on any TPC Widget Object in the following syntax: widget.get_type()
  • TPC Downloads - Inline Support

    Added an Enhancement to the TPC SharePoint and TPC Notes Widget that allows for the addition of "&inline=true" to the end of the download URL in the corresponding widget template. This will change the content disposition to inline for the downloads, which allows for the download to be opened or embedded in the browser.
  • TPC Forms Validation Event

    Added a new event called tpc:validate to the Client-Side API for the manual validation of TPC Form submissions. Refer to TPC Form Submission Events for more information.
  • TPC Static Value - Added Support for Multiselect Picklist

    Added an Enhancement to the TPC Static Value Widget so that Multiselect Picklist values are now supported.
  • TPC File Upload - Multiple File Uploads

    Added an Enhancement to the TPC File Upload Widget that enables the ability to upload multiple files.
  • TPC Fetch Builder Relationships

    Added an Enhancement to the FetchXML Builder that adds greater detail about the Relationship between Linked Entities and their Parent Entities.
  • TPC Registration - Return URL Support

    Added support for the TPC Registration Widget to redirect to an address specified in the Url Query String when registering a new user.
  • TPC Audit Module - Point In Time Capture

    Added more detailed Point In Time information for various Audit Events in the TPC Audit Module. Added User Snapshot information, which captures a variety of details about the User who triggered the Audit Event.
  • Client-Side API Enhancements for Forms

    Added 2 new methods to the Client-Side TPC API. The first method called "isFieldDirty" is used to determine if a field within a TPC Form has been modified. The second method called "getDirtyFields" is used to return information on all modified fields within TPC Forms. Refer to The Portal Connector MVC API for more information.
  • TPC Window Maximize For Small Screens

    Added Advanced Settings that allow developers to customize whether or not Kendo Windows are maximized for Small Screens only. This Advanced Setting applies to all widgets with the WindowMaximized Advanced Setting. An additional Advanced Setting called WindowMaximizedSmallScreenSize has been added which determines the maximum width for a screen to be determined small.
  • EventHub Pre-Post Form Submission Enhancement

    Added FormName and FormId to the TpcPostMvcFormSubmit Event and TpcPreMvcFormSubmit Event, in order to provide greater context regarding which TPC Form has fired the corresponding event.
  • TPC Widget Accessibility

    Enhanced Accessibility features across all TPC Form Widgets.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the TPC Migrations not importing correctly when a user already exists with the same email address but different ID on the destination site.
  • Added settings to Audit Dynamic Content to prevent Audit Logs from being flooded by metadata.
  • Fixed issue where configured placeholder text was not rendering.
  • Disabled autocomplete on the password field. This change is will prevent the browser from remembering entered passwords.
  • Updated TPC Status to have intended functionality. Functionality is to find the option with the matching text and select it.
  • Fixed issue that caused exception when re-initializing the site after updating the Sitefinity License.
  • Fixed issue where numeric columns with a value of 0 were empty.
  • Fixed issues with notes widget relating to accessibility. Labels are not correctly linked to their input fields. Added screen reader text to buttons.
  • Added missing screen reader attributes to bulk edit check boxes and button column header.
  • Added missing screen reader attributes to bulk edit check boxes and button column header.
  • Fixed issue with accessibility relating to labels.
  • Added missing alt text to loading image for screen readers.
  • Fixed accessibility issues with the empty header and search buttons.
  • Fixed issue where in certain cases, the incorrect Identity type was presented to the auditing module causing exceptions.
  • Fixed issue where view was missing a required input element.
  • Fixed issue with the TPC Party List widget where the disable API action does not fully disable the widget.
  • Fixed issue where input was still possible when switched to read only mode.
  • Fixed issue where the referrer string is occasionally too long and being truncated in SQL Database.
  • Fixed issue where duplicate user profiles are created in certain cases.
  • Fixed issue where different browsers interpreted the download expiry time differently.
  • Fixed issue where cancelling a note during creation caused the empty title to be validated when not necessary.
  • Fixed issue where negative timezone offsets crash the get_fetchValue function.
  • Fixed issue where data in an unexpected format crashed the widget designer making it unusable.
  • Fixed issue where after registration fails, the CRM is left with a new contact record preventing retrying. This change will roll back any records created allowing for the user to retry registering.
  • Fixed issue in the designer that caused exceptions when no roles are selected.
  • Added support to make the the PartyList widget read-only from the client-side API.
  • Fixed an issue in the Migrations tool where it would crash when encountering missing or corrupt content, instead the missing content is logged and the migration silently continues.
  • Fixed issue where language mapped picklist values were not working correctly in grids.
  • Fixed issue where the read-only property was not being saved correctly in the designer.
  • Fixed an issue in the TPC Migrations module that resulted in permissions not being exported properly.
  • Fixed an Issue that created a discrepancy between the results of FetchXML queries on The Portal Connector versus Dynamics CRM when querying for Distinct records.
  • Fixed an issue with the TPC Migrations module that caused the migration to crash when importing a Saved Query with invalid data.
  • Fixed an issue with the TPC Grid that caused the grid to crash when the configured Entity had no metadata.
  • Fixed an issue with the TPC Migrations Widget that resulted in duplicate Templates being imported.
  • Fixed an issue with the TPC Migrations module that prevented Page Templates from being imported with their proper widgets.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the TPC Migrations module to export all versions of a page, resulting in the latest version being overwritten.
  • Fixed an issue with the TPC Migrations module that would result in the migration failing if a content block contained a link to a Sitefinity Page that no longer exists.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the TPC Form Designer to crash on multilingual pages with multiple forms.
  • Fixed an issue that caused read-only TPC Boolean fields to return false when using get_value().
  • Fixed an issue in the TPC Registration Widget that resulted in a new Portal User being associated to the newest Contact with the matching email in CRM rather than the oldest.
  • Fixed an issue in the TPC Static Value Widget that caused the widget to crash when referencing a null session variable.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the TPC Registration Widget from triggering it's input validation under certain conditions.
  • Fixed an issue where the TPC Lookup Widget would perform value cascades before the form was ready.
  • Fixed an issue where marking a TPC Party List Widget as required would prevent form submission, even when the required information was supplied.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed TPC Error Logs to be Audited as Dynamic Content.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed empty records to be added to the TPC Party List Widget.
  • Fixed an issue affecting the TPC Party List Widget Default Value.
  • Fixed an Issue where importing Saved Queries could result in an error when a Saved Query's URL exists on both the source and destination.
  • Fixed an issue where the Advanced Setting "Use Current DateTime" within the TPC Static Value Widget was not accurately reflecting the logged in users Timezone.
  • Fixed an issue where SharePoint column labels were not being updated to reflect the sites Localization Settings.
  • Fixed an issue where navigating to the previous step in Form Flow would result inconsistent behavior with the next and previous step functionality.
  • Fixed an issue with the TPC Registration widget that prevents registration when no roles are selected in the designer under certain circumstances.

​Breaking Changes

  • Custom Templates External References

    When upgrading to The Portal Connector 5.2, all custom templates will no longer compile.

    Actions Required:
    The new template system greatly simplified the amount of style and script reference code required in every Portal Connector template, however this means that the older references to all the styling specific properties no longer work. They no longer work because the properties are no longer present, causing compile time errors. Follow the steps outlined in the link below to fix the issue:
  • TPC Image Service - Encrypted Guid Support

    The TPC Image Service has an additional parameter (e) which indicates whether or not the Guid is encrypted. By default the Guid is encrypted, so any requests to the current TPC Image Service will no longer resolve the image unless e is set to false, or an encrypted Guid is provided.