Lookup - Basic Configuration with Add/Edit Functionality

  1. Start by dragging a TPC Form Layout into the body of your page. Then, drag a CRM Form Configuration widget into the TPC Form Layout. For this example I will be setting the Static Value widget to use the case entity.
  2. Click and drag a CRM Validator widget in the body of your form and click on the edit button to display the properties prompt. For this example the lookup widget will be configured to look up all Account records with no filtering. The lookup will also be configured to Add and Edit records from the page below. The aforementioned page just contains a form with a single textfield configured to use the Account Name attribute from the Accounts entity.



  3. Underneath the data tab, using the default fetch will suffice for fetching the required data. The only thing needed is an unfiltered list of accounts. The Appearance and Filter tabs can left alone.


  4. On the page, the lookup will allow you to sift through all accounts present in CRM with the option of editing existing accounts or adding new ones. Clicking on the add or edit buttons will open the form configured for use above in a modal window.