View License Configuration

It is possible to view your Portal Connector license at any time. In addition, this option may also be used view any extensions that you have. 

In order to view your licenses, you must navigate to the Portal Connector Licensing page located under System which is under the Administration tab.

From here, you can show your license key. Please note that editing this license key in any way will cause your License Edition to become a trial until it is properly set. You can also view your license information, including your registered domains.

In addition, you can also view any of your extensions from here. Extensions allow you to add additional functionality to your website in a variety of ways.

The SharePoint extension allows you to integrate Microsoft's SharePoint into your website.

The ECommerce extension grants you access to the Ecommerce tab. This allows you to add products, price lists, and departments. Essentially, it allows you to enable Ecommerce functionality to your website.