The Portal Connector 5.1 Release

The Release of The Portal Connector 5.1 is proof that we care about portals and are driven to provide the best portal experience for Dynamics Customers and Partners!

5.1 Key Features: 

  • Bulk Editing and Deletion for Grids A very popular request, bulk edits in The Portal Connector will allow you to select multiple records from a grid a drive into an edit form to manipulate the data of the selected records. This feature will function similar to the bulk edit feature in Dynamics 365.

  • New 'Send Email' node for FormFlow – Added a new Email node to FormFlow. This will allow sending of email notifications as part of a FormFlow process. Emails can be sent to records created or selected during form submission or to arbitrary email addresses as needed.
  • New 'Workflow' node for FormFlow  –  Added a new Workflow node to FormFlow. This will allow execution of on-demand CRM workflows as part of a FormFlow process. Workflows can be run synchronously or asynchronously depending on need.

  • New Widget - Scheduler  Created a new scheduler widget that allows users to create a calendar that binds to CRM data based on the Kendo Scheduler component. With many features, some of them are Adding, Editing and Deleting calendar items, drag and drop calendar items, different calendar views and template for each "view".

Watch a Video of the New Features in Action! 


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