The Portal Connector Release Notes -

Release Notes - Version 5.1

New Features

  • New 'Workflow' node for FormFlow

    Added a new Workflow node to FormFlow. This will allow execution of on-demand CRM workflows as part of a FormFlow process. Workflows can be run synchronously or asynchronously depending on need.
  • New 'Send Email' node for Form Flow

    Added a new Email node to FormFlow. This will allow sending of email notifications as part of a FormFlow process. Emails can be sent to records created or selected during form submission or to arbitrary email addresses as needed.
  • New Widget - Scheduler

    Created a new scheduler widget that allows users to create a calendar that binds to CRM data based on the Kendo Scheduler component. With many features, some of them are Adding, Editing and Deleting calendar items, drag and drop calendar items, different calendar views and template for each "view".
  • Bulk Editing and Deletion for Grids

    A very popular request, bulk edits in The Portal Connector will allow you to select multiple records from a grid a drive into an edit form to manipulate the data of the selected records. This feature will function similar to the bulk edit feature in Dynamics 365.

Feature Enhancements

  • Extended Migrations API

    Provided a secure and extensible API for continuous deployment. A fluent style that uses the saved configurations as well as inline configurations and has the ability to schedule migrations, recurring or immediately.
  • Sitefinity Multisite Support

    Added support for the Sitefinity Multisite module.
  • Power BI Web API Support

    Added support to the TPC Power BI module for embedding Dashboards, Tiles and Reports from the new Power BI Premium workspaces.
  • Optional validation and submission on TPC Submit Button back button

    New optional property "SubmitFormOnGoBack" on the TPC Submit Button that determines whether or not validations and submission should be executed when clicking on the Previous button.
  • Synchronization of a Single Product

    New field in the TPC Ecommerce backend that allows you to synchronize a single product based on the SKU number.
  • Button Labels for Form Flow

    Provided the ability for complete customization for all button labels for the TPC Form Flow widget.
  • Editing form data after submission

    New option "HideFormOnSuccess" default true for the TPC Form widget that will show the form on submission for further editing.
  • Filtering for Activity Feed Widget

    Added Functionality to Filter TPC Activity Feed Widget Based on the Logged in User's Business Unit. Also added a new advanced property to the TPC Activity Feed widget that limits the activities displayed to those where the logged in user is in the party list or regarding.
  • Add Owner support for Lookup

    You can now select and use the Owner field type in the TPC Lookup to change the owner of a record.
  • Customizable Empty Option for Lookup

    Provided the ability to specify a custom text or template as the empty option for the Lookup widget.
  • Migrations Improvements

    - Added support for offline import and export when using the migrations tool. This enables support for Migration situations where the servers cannot communicate with each other.
    - Added support for master file templates.
    - Provided the ability to schedule migrations from the front-end migrations UI .
    - Provided the ability to set up recurring migrations from the front-end migrations UI using CRON.
    - Images, Saved Queries, Lists, Shared Content are now exported and detected from the widgets and properties on the page.
    - Added email notification capabilities to the migrations tool for status updates.
    - Added additional granular settings on the migrations page for the user to have more flexibility in their migration.
  • Saved Query Session Variable Support

    Added session variable support to the Saved Query widget.

    Actions Required:
    "@session:{name}@"  where {name} is the name of the session variable.
  • Notes Additional Columns

    Added a new property to the model of TPC Notes widget. Provides the ability for the notes web service to return additional columns that can be used in the template.
  • Encrypted Filter for Grids

    Added the ability to decrypt guids from session for all filters defined in the fetch-filter-builder.
  • Support for Owner Form Submissions

    Added a new global option to the Portal Connector general settings. When enabled, it will change the owner of any submitted record through the Form Submission Manager to be the currently logged in users CRMUserID from the profile.

    Actions Required:
    LoggedInUserAsOwner Boolean needs to be enabled. 
  • Minimum Search Length Knowledge Base

    Search minimum length is now configurable, as well as apply this minimum length check when the user presses enter on the search.
  • Numeric Currency Format for Text Field

    An advanced property for Text Field widget that allows you to change the format string of the currency field to override the page cultures currency format.
  • AutoBind property for grids

    Added a boolean called 'AutoBind'  to the GridSettings for Grids and Subgrids. This lets you control the Kendo autoBind property of the data source for the grid.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue when inviting a user without an role causing an exception on acceptance.
  • Fixed an issue where an SQL timeout could occur when updating contacts attached to Portal Users in CRM.
  • Fixed an issue where the Knowledge base article widget doesn’t show appropriate results after sorting.
  • Fixed a CRM connection issue that could occur when the site and forms submissions are experiencing heavy load.
  • Fixed an issue where certain metadata about entities were not installed causing issues with state/status checking on forms
  • Querystrings between forms in the TPC Form Flow now correctly follow the query string configuration of the TPC Form Configurations, custom query strings and duplicate defaults will be handled accordingly.
  • Fixed an issue where the numeric field would not be styled correctly in Sitefinity 11.1 and above.
  • Fixed an issue in Migrations where templates would be imported without widgets in certain cases.
  • Fixed an issue where null permissions from bad data in Sitefinity would crash the Migrations tool
  • Fixed an issue where after migration certain templates would not be marked as published.
  • Fixed an issue in the TPC migrations to ensure the templates are created in the correct order.
  • Fixed an issue where the TPC ListView child windows would redirect when "PassAllExistingQueryParams" was set to true.
  • Fixed an issue where the TPC Submit Button would not respect the Forms redirect configurations.
  • Fixed an issue in the TPC Migrations module where the page order in the page selector did not match the same order of the Sitefinity pages backend page.
  • Fixed an issue that caused not all entities to show up in the Entities list in designers - preventing entities such as notes from being selected.
  • Fixed an issue where the Migrations would fail when media is corrupt.
  • Fixed an issue in the TPC Migrations tool that prevented migration unless all Sitefinity modules were installed.
  • Fixed an issue with the TPC Rules Manager that prevented comparisons and triggers from working on Status fields
  • Fixed an issue with authentication between two sites when using the Migrations tool.
  • Fixed an issue with discount calculations not summing correctly in certain cases when tax is applied.
  • Updated the order in which TPC sets multi-level form relationships for the benefit of Dynamics CRM plugin execution orders.
  • Fixed an issue where the Rules Manager would not longer execute after a failed server-side form submission.
  • Cascaded TPC Lookups now function correctly when configured to cascade from numeric fields.
  • Fixed an issue in the TPC Text Field designer when trying to save numeric validations as null or empty
  • Fixed an issue where custom column configurations in widgets that had a column editor were sometimes lost when opening/saving the designer too quickly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Client-Side Required functionality would not work correctly on the TPC DateTime widget.
  • Fixed browser-compatibility issues with IE and certain JavaScript APIS used in the TPC designers.
  • Fixed an issue with the TPC User Invite widget that occurred when the email address is null.
  • Fixed an issue with the TPC Invite widget where the incorrect contact could incorrectly be associated to if there are multiple contacts in Dynamics CRM with the same email address.
  • TPC Lookup field is now consistently showing the first value when the first Prepopulate value is selected.
  • Removed unused fields from the contact entity in our CRM solution
  • Fixed an issue submitting TPC Form Submissions when a date field was present in the form submission.
  • Fixed an issue where client filters on Lookup fields in the TPC Grid or other filterable frontend page widgets would not accept Guids as filters.
  • Fixed an issue where the TPC Static Value widget would crash the form when configured with a null session variable or session variable that is not a string.
  • Fixed an issue where special characters would not show up correctly in widget tooltips.
  • Fixed an issue where the TPC List View widget would not correctly handle "PartyList" field types.
  • Fixed an issue in the front end TPC JavaScript API where "findAll" would not return any page widgets.
  • Fixed the TPC Submit Button widget so that any occurrence of the property AllowGoBackToPage will now use AllowGoBack.
  • Fixed issue on the TPC DateTime widget where DateOnly fields were adjusted by the TimeZone of the client.
  • Fixed an issue where stalled Migration jobs that stalled because of IIS reset or otherwise would stay "active" in the Migrations jobs list leading to confusion.
  • Fixed a issue that was crashing migrations when exporting pages or forms that have permissions set to objects that no longer exist.
  • Fixed an issue where the CssClass property was not added to all ListView views
  • Fixed an issue where Regex validations would still fire on the TPC Text Field widget even if Regex validation mode was set to "None"
  • Fixed an issue with the TPC Submit Button in newer versions of Sitefinity not properly parsing the form submission response correctly causing all post-submit steps to be skipped.
  • Fixed an issue where child products would not be synchronized if the CRM version was higher than 2015.
  • Added paging to product synchronization to synchronize more than 5000 products.
  • Fixed an issue where long running synchronization tasks would get timeout errors when synchronizing ecommerce products.
  • Fixed an issue where the click handlers for edit and add buttons on the frontend TPC page widgets would no longer fire when "refresh" or "setOptions" was called on the Kendo compoent.
  • Fixed an issue where product synchronization was deleting too many products before product synchronization causing performance issues.
  • Fixed an issue with the SharePoint and Notes widget preventing documents with large paths or file names from being downloaded.
  • Fixed a crashing issue with merging contacts in Dynamics CRM where one user has a portal user and the other doesn't.
  • Fixed major performance issues with the TPC Ecommerce product synchronization process to greatly speed up the time it takes to complete a full re-synchronization.
  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip would not work in read only mode in the TPC Image widget.
  • Provided support for the TPC List View and other widgets with templates to use special characters in file names that are valid for Windows files.
  • Fixed issue that prevented filtering date time values on all TPC Frontend Page widgets - dates can now be filtered exactly based on date and/or time.
  • Fixed an issue where the value sent using the TPC Static Value widget when configured for "Use Current Date and Time" was incorrect and submitting the time of the form load.
  • Fixed an issue where the Migrations menu would not show up when multi-site was enabled.
  • Fixed an issue that occurred in the TPC Form Flow designer causing additional nodes dragged onto a "middle" node to be misplaced.
  • Fixed issue with the TPC Form Flow that caused duplicate query string values to appear when submitting a form that has a field that shares the same name.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed users to add empty records to the TPC Party List widget.
  • Added support for set_value  JavaScript API call to the TPC Party List widget

​Breaking Changes

  • Encrypted Session Values

    When filtering from Session, the EncryptGuids property is now correctly obeyed and any Guids previously filtered will now be "decrypted", causing filtering to no longer work after upgrade.

    Actions Required:
    • Encrypt all GUID session variables using our UserEncrypt API extension

    • Disable GUID encryption on the widget affected - this may require the changing of all of the EncryptGuid properties on every widget that originates from the original.
  • TPC Boolean get_value API

    The TPC Boolean get_value return value has been fixed to return "true" or "false" instead of the text of the label. This is a breaking change as the return type of this function has been modified to boolean instead of string.

    Actions Required:
    Two potential fixes:

    1. Change all get_value code to compare against true/false instead of the label text
    2. Change all get_value calls to instead call get_textValue to avoid having to change the return value comparison.