What is The Portal Connector?

The Portal Connector is a simple but powerful software solution that empowers Dynamics 365 Customers, Partners, and ISVs to deliver flexible, scalable, and highly secure web portals. We eliminate the need for coding or programming of complex requirements with advanced technology. 


Who we are

When you work with The Portal Connector Team, you'll find that we operate our business with transparency, honesty, and integrity.

Our Core Values Include

We Keep It Simple

We are on a mission to reduce complexity.

We Put People First

Right where they belong.

We Value Honesty

And strive to speak with clarity and sincerity.

We Set Realistic Expectations

To avoid misunderstandings.

We're all about respectful communication with our staff, customers, and vendors to be sure we understand before we act. This principle is something we don't just talk about but put into practice every single day.

“I felt like The Portal Connector team cared about us and wanted to help when we had a problem.”

TecPlot Marketing and Web Content Manager

We encourage our brilliant staff to bond over FUNdamentals

When you put a bunch of intelligent, creative people together for some downtime,  what do they do?

The Portal Connector team knows how to have fun. They've been known to fiercely compete in riveting ping-pong games with colleagues to win a trophy. Or maybe they skillfully compete in a bean bag toss contest. Let's not leave out crazy Pictionary, bowling, and delicious potlucks.

We encourage a fun vibe that makes all the hours we work - well, fun. 

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How we got here: 

What happens when technical geeks can't find the right tool to build the kind of portals they dream about? By golly, they develop their own tool.

And that's how The Portal Connector was born.

A passion for portals was already part of our DNA. We held tight to our vision of what a portal should be as we exhausted the capabilities of tools that were not up to snuff.

We tried to twist and turn and play with the available technology to make a better portal. But it dawned on us - a limited development platform would never give birth to what customers needed to transform their business.

And that's what inspired us to create The Portal Connector.

“Altec needed a portal solution with deep integration into CRM data and it had to be easy to maintain. We chose The Portal Connector, which is easy to use, without the need for custom coding. With The Portal Connector, we have a web portal that we can manage ourselves well into the future.”


Who's a Good Fit for Our Portals?

We've come to realize that every business that interacts with customers, members, or vendors can benefit from portal technology. A portal makes self-service possible, frees your resources to do more high-value activities, and offers 24/7 answers, which increases satisfaction.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is our JAM

For over 15 years, The Portal Connector staff and management have immersed ourselves in the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem. Our Dynamics knowledge has given us the wisdom and insight that influences our design and usability decisions for The Portal Connector.

Our deep knowledge of Dynamics means we can help resolve technical issues even when they are not related to our product. We are passionate about helping our customers succeed, whatever it takes.

For nearly two decades, we have been building portals with a team of developers who stay current with technology and are passionate about making our product easy to use and more useful for our users.

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Customers, Partners, and ISVs Embrace The Portal Connector

Partners and ISVs have so much on their plate. From selling, implementing, designing, and supporting business solutions, helping their customers thrive, to innovating solutions to boost customer productivity.

For Partners and ISVs, add "sizzle" to your demos by showing more value to your customers and win more deals.  We have a prebuilt demo environment for case management, profile management, and more.

Our partners and ISVs tell us how much they appreciate using our solution to quickly deliver value to their customers. The Portal solution empowers them to create web portals that solve big problems in a secure, flexible environment. Our team eagerly adapts to their needs so they can transform their customers.

“We worked with TPC team on a Proof of Concept for a large-scale deployment.
It demoed great and was well received by the customer.”


Where in the World are The Portal Connector Customers?  Everywhere!

Customers across the globe use The Portal Connector to rapidly deliver a flexible, scalable, and highly secure web portal solution. From our headquarters in Canada to the US, Australia, Western Europe, the Middle East, and more. Our support team schedules their availability to accommodate multiple time zones.

Interested in The Portal Connector?

Reach out to us for a free Fit Assessment and see if The Portal Connector is the right portal technology for your needs.

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