Win more Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365 Deals with The Portal Connector

Key Elements to Building a Profitable Portal Practice

There are 4 key ways that The Portal Connector can help you build a Profitable Portal Practice!


Portals in Every Dynamics CRM / 365 Proposal

  • By including a portal solution in each of your CRM / 365 proposals, you put the solution on the table and provide thought leadership.
  • Deliver more value to your Customers by addressing their unspoken needs.
  • CRM / 365 Portals start conversations and put you ahead of the competition by offering a solution others are not.
  • Portals in the proposal often create a multi-phase project and help create sticky customers.
  • Nothing to lose and everything to gain when you include portal solutions.
  • You need to offer a solution with confidence, one that will meet the needs of any customer situation.  With The Portal Connector's easy-to-use interface and flexibility for full customization, you know it will meet the needs of any proposal's demands. 

"We chose The Portal Connector for Dynamics CRM/365 because we have large customers with Complex needs. They need a customizable portal solution and The Portal Connector can deliver.”

TPC - Pipeline

Portals Grow Your Pipeline

  • A CRM / 365 Portal is the sizzle on the steak and will enable your sales team to grow their pipeline while increasing customer value.
  • Customers are asking for CRM / 365 Portals that are cost effective and flexible, so fulfill on the growing market demand.
  • Spin up a fully functional demo portal quickly in the sales stage.  This provides a "wow" factor that drastically increases customer confidence and deal win rate.

"Demos were easy to spin up and showed great for our customers..”

Anthony Shibata, Solutions Architect,NexTec


Create Repeatable Portal Solutions

  • Reuse all or portions of any portal solution you build to drastically increase your productivity.
  • Our export wizard allows you to package your CRM / 365 and Portal Connector configurations into one zip file that can be implemented quickly and easily.
  • Most portals have similar core requirements. Build those parts once so you can hit the group running on your next project.
  • Do you focus on a vertical?  If so, you know the power of "create once, use many times".  The Portal Connector makes it easy and profitable.

TPC - Support3

Partner Support and Onboarding

  • We provide extensive free support and one-on-one training that gets you going quickly and with confidence.
  • Our sales team is standing by to support you in any aspect of the sales process, from scoping through to targeted demo.  We are here to help.

We are very happy with The Portal Connector Product, our Partner relationship and the support team.” - 


Your Complete Guide to Choosing a Portal Solution for Dynamics and the Power Platform.



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