What is a Fit Assessment, and why is it important to your software decision making process?

It is important to choose the right technology to help you grow your business.  Getting to the right solution requires a thoughtful and engaged process.  The Portal Connector is invested in ensuring every portal is delivered with business outcomes in mind.

Determining if a solution is the right fit for your organizations needs is a critical first step.  We will work with you and your team to evaluate if The Portal Connector can deliver on your goals.

Fit Assessment Outline



Business Needs Drive Technology Solutions

First we focus on understanding the business impact needed from a web portal. If we don't know the business needs and desired impact, how can both of us be sure The Portal Connector is the right technology solution?  Why do you need a portal now?  What alternatives have you considered? Clarity on these points will save you tremendous time, energy and money in the future.  Our Fit Assessment process will help you get to the root of your business needs and how a portal can drive business growth.



You want assurances The Portal Connector will do what you need it to do. And so do we. We will work with your team to ensure our technology will address your needs and seamlessly integrate with your existing business systems. We will help your technical team explore the user experience and discuss how our platform solution ensures your portal will continue to grow with your business in the future.



We will take the time to work with you in analyzing the total cost of ownership of a web portal.  You need to consider many factors when picking a technology to drive a critical business function.  There is software licensing, operational expenditures and ongoing maintenance and evolution that is needed to ensure the long term sustainability of the solution.

Let's get started!

With a few details we can get a No Obligation Fit Assessment underway for your business.


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