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Portal Connector SaaS

  • 1 Prod App Service, Azure SQL database included.
  • Up to 5 staging App service slot/instances
  • Dev infrastructure for development and configuration (Dev VM and SQL)
  • Geographical specific
  • Optimized by our expert staff for Portal Connector performance.
  • Predictable bill every month.
  • Security and Scalability
  • Updates and Upgrades
    • Our support team will be performing quarterly updates and upgrades with new Sitefinity and TPC versions.
  • Add-ons includes
    • Form Flow, Power BI, Audit Module, Power Automate.
    • Any new add-ons will be included with our SaaS offering.
  • TPC highlighted features

Portal Connector 6.2 Roadmap


Future Roadmap

  • Rules manager updates based on customer feedback
    • Add support for multiple conditions
    • Add support for multiple actions
    • Add TPC form submission events
    • Allow rules to be reordered
    • Make rules Collapsible
    • Make Rules disableable
  • Migration to .Net Core (in progress)
    • Modern framework
    • Scalability and Modular
    • Performant
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