The Portal Connector Roadmap (Spring 2018)

  • form-flow-2

    Form Flow

    Form Flow will empower the administrator to create robust form workflows. Define the form workflow using our intuitive drag and drop flow chart. Create branching decisions based on submitted data and guide users through a customized multi-page form.
  • Migration Utility

    A new migration utility will facilitate moving configurations from one environment to another. This feature will allow users and admins to create a continuous delivery model for their dev, test, uat and production environments.
  • Bulk Edits

    A very popular request, bulk edits in The Portal Connector will allow you to select multiple records from a grid a drive into an edit form to manipulate the data of the selected records. This feature will function similar to the bulk edit feature in Dynamics 365.
  • Dynamic Application Module

    A special add-on for managing a large number of application and survey forms. This new add-on will also provide advanced form validation, versioning and a basic data model within Dynamics 365 / Dynamics CRM.