The Portal Connector Roadmap (Fall 2017)

  • New Knowledge Article Support

    This feature will provide a tighter integration with the Unified Service Desk and the new knowledgebase article structure. This will provide better integration for searching, displaying and rating articles.
  • Dynamic Application Module

    A special add-on for managing a large number of application and survey forms. This new add-on will also provide advanced form validation, versioning and a basic data model within Dynamics 365 / Dynamics CRM.
  • Dynamics 365/CRM Activities Widget

    A customizable view into Dynamics 365 / Dynamics 365 activities for specified entity records. This new widget will allow users to open and edit activity details.
  • Inline Editable MVC Views

    Create custom user experiences without having to create MVC views on the file system. This new feature will allow portal admins to created custom MVC views directly inside of the Portal Connector widgets.
  • Picklist Enhancements

    Support for the new picklist features in Dynamics 365 Spring Wave. These enhancements include multi-select picklists as well as cascading picklists.