Portal Features

If you already have customer information in Dynamics CRM or Dynamics 365 - you can quickly and securely provide your customers with access through Portal Solutions. 

Instead of having customers call or email for updates on a specific matter, enable your customers to create an online account and update Support Ticket or Case Information themselves, update billing or contact information immediately, or see the real-time status of a warranty claim.

Absolutely anything you've created in Dynamics CRM (on-premise or in the cloud) including any custom entities can now be securely offered to your customers for real-time communications and updates.

The following extensive list offers the features of the portal connector and its capabilities including Dynamics, the Power Platform, and Sitefinity CMS.

Online Forms

  • Easy to use system that guides you through building online forms.
  • Build simple, detailed or complex forms.
  • Any field in Dynamics can be added to a Portal form.
  • Individual fields can be secured as locked, visible or editable.
  • Incorporate your existing website branding and design into your Forms.
  • Extensive flexibility to change the layout of forms and pages on the Portal.
  • Form fields can be defined as required or optional for data entry.

Configuration Options

  • The Portal will work with and connect to all forms of Dynamics installations.
  • Our Dynamics solution is very compact and is used only to manage users.  The intuitive interface will get your users up and running quickly.
  • You have the ability to allow new users to register for your portal and automatically be granted access.
  • You control which elements of Dynamics are accessible in the Portal, even custom elements.

Data Management

  • Display small or large amounts of Dynamics data on a single Portal page.
  • Manage the data with an intuitive easy to use grid or customized list.
  • Sort, filter and export the data from within the Portal.
  • Adaptable security to control who can add, edit and delete data.
  • Able to display multiple layers of data within a single portal page.  

Business Processes

  • Business rules and processes in Dynamics will be respected in the Portal.
  • Submitted data can trigger more complex business processes and workflows, even integrate with other business systems.
  • You control the level of access and approval processes for adding new Portal users.
  • Auditing allows you to see who changed what data, when.
  • Data flows between the Portal and Dynamics in real time.


  • CRM Form Management

  • Standard and Custom CRM Entities

  • Parent / Child Forms

  • Sub-Grid Data

  • Supports All Fields Types

  • Supports Notes

  • Single File Upload Widget

  • SharePoint Document List Widget

  • Rules Manager Widget

  • Knowledge Base Articles with Subject Tree

  • Standard and Custom Input Masks

  • Field Level Read Only

  • Make Field Required

  • Empty and Required Message

  • Filtered Lookups

  • Lookup Add/Edit In-line

  • Supports Query String Values

  • Restrict by User or IP

  • Submission Notification by Email

  • CRM User Invite Process

  • Form Decoration by Form or Site

The Portal Connector - Page Management Features


  • Customizable List Views

  • FormFlow which allows you to create structured workflows

  • Dynamic Grids - add, edit, export and delete

  • Multiple Forms per Page

  • Read Only Form Toggle

  • Chart Widget

  • Data Map Overlay

  • Filtered Form View

The Portal Connector - Content Management Features


  • Multilingual Content

  • Word-like HTML Editor

  • Clean Paste from Microsoft® Word

  • Multilingual Spell Check

  • Image Editor

  • Template Builder

  • Drag & Drop Page Modeling

  • In-line Editing

  • Content Sharing

  • Manage Flash and Windows Media Files

  • Dropbox Synchronization

  • File Manager

  • Right-to-Left Language Support

  • Multilevel Undo/Redo to Revert to Old Versions of the Content

  • Versioning Side-by-Side Version Comparisons

  • A/B and Multivariate Testing

  • Scheduled Publishing

  • Dynamic Sitemap Navigation

  • Advanced Publishing & Syndication System

  • Search Engine (incl. Search in Documents)

  • Event Calendars

  • Document Management

  • Custom Attributes

  • Dynamic Administration Dashboard

The Portal Connector - Content Types Features


  • Create Custom Content Types

  • Forms

  • Blogs

  • Forums

  • News

  • Images

  • Videos

  • Documents

  • Generic Content

  • Events

  • Lists

The Portal Connector - Content Organization Features


  • Tags (Horizontal Classification)

  • Categories (Vertical Classification)

  • Custom Taxonomies & Filters

  • Hierarchical Libraries

The Portal Connector - Site Control Features


  • Granular Permissions

  • Multiple Authentication Providers, which include Azure B2C, Social Logins, and Custom

  • Single Sign-on

  • Content Roll Back

  • Browser-Based Administration

  • Interface Localization and Customization

  • Personalized Work Area

  • Section 508 Compliance

  • XHTML and WAI Compliance

  • Configuration Policy Administration Site Administrators, Editors, Designers

The Portal Connector - Design Features


  • Drag & Drop Layouts

  • Templates

  • Themes for Style Management

The Portal Connector - SEO & Web Analytics Features


  • Built-in Web Analytics

  • Contextual Analytics

  • Metadata (Title, Description, Keywords)

  • Canonical URLs

  • SEO Filtering Tools

  • Mobile Apps Builder

  • Responsive Web Design

  • Device-Based Page Redirection

  • Mobile Navigation

  • SEO Friendly, Extensionless, Localizable, Custom and Absolute URLs

  • Built-In Device Emulator

The Portal Connector - Social Media Features


  • Twitter Connector

  • Twitter URL Shortening Service

  • Twitter Widgets Profile, Search, Favorites and List

  • Facebook Pages Management

  • RSS and Atom Syndication

  • Blogs

  • Forums

  • Comments

  • Content Mashup Content Sources: Sitefinity Content, External RSS, Twitter, Email

The Portal Connector - Email Campaigns & Newsletters Features


  • Number of Subscribers: 10,000

  • Personalization

  • Mailing Lists Management

  • Drag & Drop Email Template Modeling

  • Dynamic Lists

  • Advanced Reporting and Statistics

  • Scheduling

  • Content Reuse

The Portal Connector - Digital Asset Management Features


  • Drag & Drop Digital Libraries

  • Thumbnail Generator

  • Preview Video & Audio Files

  • Replace Images with One Click

The Portal Connector - Performance Features


  • Support for Load-Balanced and Autoscale Environments (Requires Portal Connector Enterprise)

  • Client-Side Data Binding

  • Caching

The Portal Connector - Security Features


  • Granular Permissions

  • User and Role Management

  • Audit Trail

  • Spam Protection (CAPTCHA)

  • Support for Full Trust Environment

  • SSL Compatibility

  • Pluggable Authentication

  • NTLM and LDAP

  • Authentication, Windows Authentication

The Portal Connector - Extensibility & Customization Features


  • Native Support for ASP. NET MVC and Razor

  • Module Builder

  • Fluent API

  • Fully Exposed Native APIs

  • RESTful Web Services APIs

  • Geolocation API

  • Security Framework

  • Plug-in Framework for Modules and Widgets

  • Search Service

  • Notification Service

  • Localization Service

  • RSS Service

  • Custom Fields

  • Custom Content Type Builder

  • Widget Configuration Editor

  • Visual Studio Templates for Rapid Development

  • Support for Multiple Membership Providers (LDAP support)

The Portal Connector - Native .NET Application Features


  • Native Support for Microsoft® Visual Studio

  • Support for Windows Azure

  • Templates Based on HTML5 or Standard Master Pages

  • Themes

  • Support for CSS

  • Custom User Controls

  • Provider Model

  • Personalization Framework

  • N-tier Application Development

The Portal Connector - Telerik Features


  • ASP.NET AJAX Controls

  • Silverlight Controls

  • OpenAccess ORM

  • Kendo UI

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