The Portal Connector 5.2 Release

The Release of The Portal Connector 5.2 is proof that we care about portals and are driven to provide the best portal experience for Dynamics Customers and Partners!

5.2 Key Features: 

  • TPC Metadata Metadata for MVC widgets has been completely revamped to be more efficient and reliable than before. If you are using WebForms widgets these new changes will not apply to your page.

  • Add Bootstrap 4/Kendo SAAS Theme Support – Added support for Bootstrap 4 to all Portal Connector MVC widget views and new SASS based themes for Kendo.
  • TPC Page Export Widget  –  New widget adds page export feature found in the WebForms widgets to the MVC widgets. Can be configured to export PDF, PNG and SVG files.

  • TPC Form Flow - Action Node Added new node type to FormFlow: Action. This node allows for the execution of CRM actions. In parameters are configured to use fields from a previous form and out parameters can be added to the query string.

  • TPC Form Flow - Loopback Functionality Added ability to configure FormFlow nodes to loop back to any other node. This allows FormFlows to return users to any other node in the flow.

  • TPC Knowledge Base - Subjects Widget Added a new Knowledge Base Subjects widget that allows for subject filtering of the TPC Knowledge Base and TPC Knowledge Base Search widgets.

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