The Portal Connector 6.0 Release

We are Passionate about portals and are driven to provide the best portal experience for Dynamics Customers!

6.0 - Improve your Customer's Portal Experience

This release will improve your customers experience while completing forms, and improve the performance of your portal, providing a better experience overall.

We are most excited about the Power Automate Connectors.  If you are familiar with Microsoft Power Automate, then you know the power of creating Power Automate workflows using Portal Connector API.


    • Power Automate Connector  Harness the power of Microsoft Power Automate to take your portal to the next level.  This new module allows you to create Power Automate workflows using the Portal Connector API.  Now you can kick off tasks based on portal user creation, role assignment, content approval and more!
    • Form Flow Step Navigation –    Improve the Form Submission experience for your customers.  Step Navigation makes it easy for users to see what stage of the form submission process they are in and go back to review previous stages if necessary.

    • Auditing Reports   Valuable insights into how your customers are using your portal can be gathered with Auditing.  Use this data to improve your portal and enhance the users experience.

    • CRM Data Caching–   Improve your customer's experience by decreasing portal load times.  Frequent requests to Dynamics CRM for the same data can now be cached.  Collections or single entities can be configured to take advantage of caching.

    • FIPS Compliance - Ensuring The Portal Connector is compliant with the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) for use in computer systems by non-military government agencies and government contractors.

      The Portal Connector 6.0 Release Recorded Webinar


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