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Why our Support is Awesome!

One of my favorite questions to answer while I am having a conversation about The Portal Connector is:

"But what about Support?" 

Many people are skeptical about support that is offered when it comes to a software platform.  A lot of bad experiences in the past make people question all software companies about their support services.  Let me tell you, we not only take support seriously, but it is one of our secrets of success.

Let's first talk a little about Training:

Anyone who purchases a license is entitled to ..

FREE Training:

  • Twice a week, we host a 60 minute live training session, geared towards providing basic to intermediate skills needed to build and deploy portals using The Portal Connector.
  • We also offer one-on-one sessions with our Customer Success Manager

The Portal Connector Support Services:

FREE Support Cases: 

  • Every license purchase comes with 3 FREE Support Cases
  • When you renew your maintenance year over year, your 3 free cases are refreshed

UNLIMITED Daily Q & A Sessions:

This is one of the areas of support that truly sets us apart!  This unique offering allows our Partners, and Customers the ability to access a member of our product development team everyday!  That's right, everyday, for 30 minutes, one of our developers is LIVE on a call!  You can receive tips and tricks on certain aspects of The Portal Connector, links to documentation, helpful hints about coding within the platform, or even dive into a screen sharing session during the call.  

Check out a quote from one of our awesome customers:

"The Daily Q&A sessions were extremely valuable. We had to come up to speed very quickly, and whenever we ran into an obstacle, we simply jumped on the next day’s Q&A call. Their Tech Support team answered our questions every time – and actually walked us through the answers, so we learned as we went along.” Margaret Connelly, Tecplot Marketing and Web Content Manager

Online Forum:

We also encourage our Portal Connector community to use our Forum to post questions, tips, advice, or new feature suggestions.  We often include features in our releases that have been brought to us by our loyal customers and partners.


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