Web Portals for My Business

An effective Web Portal will Increase Customer Acquisition and Retention, Streamline your Product or Service Delivery and Improve your Operational Efficiency.  The net result is an Increase to your Bottom Line.

Today's digital world requires you to meet the Customer growing need for immediate online access to the products and services they want.  If you are not able to meet that demand, it is inevitable the customer will find a competitor who will.

The Portal Connector is the leading web portal solution for Dynamics Customers, and here's why!



Build and deploy a web portal quickly to meet your current Customer demands.  Then adapt and grow your online Customer interaction.

The Portal Connector works with your existing Dynamics 365 solution, whether it is online or on premise.  We created flexible technology that will support Dynamics 2011 through Dynamics 365, including Power Platform and Dataverse (Microsoft's new name for the CDS).

And, The Portal Connector works with multiple hosting options.  You have choices to host your web portal on your own servers, Azure, Go Daddy or Amazon Web Services (AWS) to name a few.


User Friendly

The Portal Connector was designed with ease of use in mind.  You can build an engaging and modern web portal that has your Customers saying "Wow, that was awesome!".

When it comes to your internal team, our drag and drop toolset allows them to build feature rich web portals quickly and easily.  And if your IT team wants to customize the system, our industry standard tools and technologies means quick productivity gains and a very short learning curve.


Cost Certainty

Driving more Customers to engage with you online increases customer satisfaction and decreases service costs.  What you don't want is a web portal costing you more, the more you use it.

Our consistent and predictable licensing fee, with annual maintenance, means you have cost certainty and an increased Return on Investment the more Customers engage with you.  This is a big deal as other portal solutions charge a fee for logins, creating cost uncertainty.

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Service Focused

Our Customer Success Team will do as much or as little as you need.  Trust us to follow best practices during every phase of your project.  If needed, we'll create mock-ups so you can visualize your ideas.  We'll facilitate user acceptance testing to make sure everything works the way you imagined.  We do what it takes to help you deploy a successful portal project.  Our +80% yealry renewal rate is the best proof of service satisfaction we can offer.

If you just starting your Web Portal journey, here are some suggestions for what's next


Portal Solutions

Learn more about the types of portals that our customers are using.  We outline a few of the common examples, but you can build any type of portal that you need to satisfy your business needs.  We can also help you sift through the ideas, and recommend ways that a portal can help you Increase Customer Acquisition and Retention, Streamline your Product and Service Delivery, and Improve Operational Efficiency.  Portals are what we do, let us help!


Portal Comparisons

Of course you will be investigating other portal solutions, such as Microsoft's Power Apps Portals.  We have prepared a comparison of the two products so you can determine the best fit for your business. 

Who else have we helped?

Our customers span the globe, and we have helped deploy thousands of web portals solving these business cases, and more.

Appointment Booking

Asset Management

Customer Support

Document Management

Education and Training

Event Management

Financial Services

Form/Application Management

Government Services

Health Benefits and Services

HR Management

Membership Management

Partner / Vendor / Dealer Support

Profile Management

Sales Portal

Volunteer Management

When you are ready to start talking Portals, we can have a Fit Assessment discussion to see how The Portal Connectors aligns with your current business goals.
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