Portals for Dynamics CRM

Dynamics CRM Customers have portal options too!

As a Microsoft Dynamics CRM customer, you may think that integrating a web portal with your solution is not possible. But that’s only if you looked at the portal technology offered by Microsoft.

The Portal Connector integrates with Dynamics CRM. So, you can provide your customers with an exceptional web portal experience!

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The Portal Connector benefits for Dynamics CRM Customers:

Surface On-Premise CRM Data

Allows your CRM On-Premise Data to be used in a Web Portal

Deliver an Exceptional Customer Experience

Enables you to deliver an exceptional Web Portal Experience to your Customers

Drag and Drop Platform

Provides Drag and Drop Tools to easily create portal pages with interactive data

Real-Time Data Integration

Provides Real-Time Integration with CRM, so your data is always current

Enterprise Content Management System

Delivers an Enterprise Website Content Management System, for all of your website needs

Seamless Migrations

Considering a Migration to Dynamics 365? This solution will transition with you to Dynamics 365 when you are ready

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