Power Pages formerly Power Apps Portals

Find out how The Portal Connector compares in features and pricing to Microsoft Power Pages, formerly known as Power Apps portals.

Feature Comparison:

For an extensive list of features and capabilities included in The Portal Connector, head over to our Features page.

The Portal ConnectorPower Pages
Power BIYesYes
Drag and DropYesYes
Point and ClickYesYes
Visual Page EditorYesYes
Custom Content ModulesYesNo
Drag and Drop ProcessesYesNo
Custom WidgetsYesYes
Custom C# IntegrationsYesNo
JavaScript APIYesYes
Templated WidgetsYesNo
Access to Site SourceYesNo
Multilingual - Support for RTLYesNo
Multilingual - Managed Translation ServicesYesNo
Multilingual - Machine Translation APIYesNo
Module BuilderYesNo
Search IndexingYesYes
Granular PermissionsYesNo
Support for CRM 2011-2016 Online / On-PremiseYesNo
Support for Dynamics 365 On-PremiseYesNo
Support for Dynamics 365 OnlineYesYes
Host in CloudYesYes
Host AnywhereYesNo

Pricing Model:

Below is an overview of the Pricing Models for The Portal Connector and Power Pages.

The Portal ConnectorPower Pages
Per Login$0

100 = $200/month
1,000 = $1,000/month
5,000 = $3,500/month

Per Page Views$0100,000 = $100/month
Upfront License (perpetual)$15,000$0
Yearly Maintenance Fees (optional)$4,500$0
Unlimited Non-Production PortalsYesYes
Month to Month Cost CertaintyYesNo


Secure, authenticated portals are a vital part of any business, charity or other organization’s strategy to sustain and compete in a world where self-service provides flexibility and convenience for end customers and users. Self-service is most often a requirement to stay competitive in the world of business today.

To better understand the pricing models, let’s take a look at a typical small to mid-size professional organization with the goal of providing a secure portal to allow members to login, update personal information, submit requests or update professional credentials.

What will the cost implications be as a result of usage over three years?


  • 1,000 active users or members

  • 60% log into the portal each month for updates and various other functions

  • Of these members, 50% login 3+ times monthly, totaling 1,200 unique logins

  • Portal is a public-facing website with less than 100,000 page views per month

  • Note: This scenario does not account for membership and organizational growth

The Portal ConnectorPower Pages
Year 1


1,200 logins per month
= (2 × $200) + (1 × $1,000)
= $1,400 in monthly login fees 
+ $100 monthly page view fee
= $1,500 × 12 months
= $18,000 per year

Year 2$4,500$18,000
Year 3$4,500$18,000
TOTAL$24,000~ $54,000 **

** This is an estimate as the total is based on actual usage. For increased usage consumption, there are no cost certainties from month to month.

The Portal Connector: The Winning Choice for Portals!

The Portal Connector

Yes   Unlimited Logins and Page Views

Why have a portal solution and be wary about your customers using it? Be free from worrying about login or page view capacities. Our licensing model is pretty straight forward: pay our one time perpetual license fee. One and Done! Our optional yearly maintenance renewal will give you access to our latest version releases.

Yes   Cost Certainty

As your customer/membership and portal user base grows, The Portal Connector provides you with cost certainty, with no additional charges for logins or page views. This will help you budget and manage margins in your business, while allowing you to to freely promote your portal and push for user adoption!

Yes   No Code Low Code

Do you have concerns about not having skilled developers on staff? Let The Portal Connector alleviate those concerns with our easy to use, drag and drop interface. This benefit is not new to our customers; we developed our portal solution with ease of use being a primary objective from the beginning!

Yes   Developer Friendly

But wait! If you are a developer, you can take your portal to the next level with the ability to customize EVERY aspect of the portal using C# and virtually any JavaScript, CSS or HTML framework. We even provide our widget source code to allow for custom widget development!

Yes   Flexible Hosting Options

Keep your data where you want! With The Portal Connector, you can host your Portal ANYWHERE a website can be hosted: On-Premise, in the Cloud, or Third Party Hosting Provider. 

Yes   Worry-Free Support

Get the Training and Support you need, when you need it! We have many support options  to help you through your portal development: Unlimited Weekly Live Training, Daily Q&A Sessions with our expert developers, Online Forums, extensive Developer Network documentation and more. Your success is our success!

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