How are you different than PowerApps Portals?

We get that question a lot.  Dynamics Partners have a lot of change to deal with and sifting through the options available with Dynamics 365 can be an overwhelming task.

Here are the key comparisons between The Portal Connector and PowerApps Portals. 

If you want a more detailed comparison, Request a Live Demonstration, or Contact Us for a discussion.  You can also refer to our Guide for Choosing a Portal Solution.



The Portal Connector PowerApps Portals
Dynamics CRM Version Support
  • CRM 2011 - 2016
  • CRM Online
  • CRM On-Premise
  • No Support
Dynamics 365 Version Support
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Online
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement On-Premise
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Online
PowerApps CDS Support
  • Common Data Service
  • Common Data Service
Portal Hosting Options

Portal can be hosted anywhere.

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Third Party Provider
  • Customer On-Premise
  • Microsoft Azure
Licensing Options
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Perpetual
  • SaaS only
Portal Support and Training for Partners
  • Live One-on-One Training for Partners
  • Live Daily Q & A Sessions
  • Community Support Forum
  • Technical and Configuration Documents

Microsoft Support

  • Differs based on Paid Support Plan
  • Community Support Forum
  • Technical and Configuration Documents
Production vs. Dev/ Test/ UAT Licenses
  • 1 Production Domain
  • Unlimited Non-Production Domains
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Pay Per Login
  • Pay Per Page View
  • Point and Click Configuration
  • 6 Payment Processors pre-configured
  • Multi-currency
  • Tax Sets
  • Not available
  • 140+ Languages Supported
  • Right to Left Supported
  • Language Cultures
  • Multi-lingual Picklists
  • Multi-Byte Character Languages
  • 43 Languages Supported
  • Multi-Byte Character Languages


Feature Comparison

Compare Portal Features between The Portal Connector and PowerApps Portals. For an extensive list of Features and Capabilities included in The Portal Connector, visit our Features page.

Pricing Comparison

View the Pricing Models for a comparison between The Portal Connector and PowerApps Portals, including a scenario that outlines cost implications over three years for each solution.