The Portal Connector Release Notes -

Release Notes - Version 4.2

New Features

  • Dynamics CRM Web API Support

    You can now configure The Portal Connector to access Dynamics CRM / Dynamics 365 using the Dynamics 365 Web API functionality provided by Microsoft. This will use JSON instead of SOAP to transfer data reducing the amount of data that transfers between The Portal Connector and Dynamics CRM / Dynamics 365. This feature is ensures The Portal Connector will be "future proof" for compatibility with new releases of Dynamics 365 / Dynamics CRM.
  • TPC MVC User Invite Widget

    An MVC version of the original User Invite widget allowing users to accept invitations to your Portal
  • TPC MVC Registration Widget

    A new widget that allows users to self-register themselves to your Portal. This new widget also supports registrations with the configured OAuth providers and provides advanced options for validating email addresses.
  • PowerBI Integration

    A new Portal Connector add-on that provides the ability to embed Power BI reports into your portal site. There are two separate models for the PowerBI support; first it enables users to quickly insert, unsecured "Publish to Web" PowerBI reports, and second, provides users the ability to leverage PowerBI secure workspaces and reports.
  • Sitefinity 10 OAuth Integration

    The Portal Connector integrates with the new Sitefinity 10 OAuth changes allowing users to create contacts and Portal Users automatically when they sign in with any of the external OAuth providers. This feature provides an simple configuration to authenticate with LDAP, ADFS, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, LinkedIn and GitHub out of the box. It also provides a model that can be extended to support any OpenId Connect external provider.
  • Field Tool-tips

    Added Bootstrap tool-tip functionality to most TPC MVC widgets so designers can configure help text to show the user when hovering over a TPC field.

Feature Enhancements

  • Paging Cookies with Grids

    Paging cookie support has been added to all TPC Grids that use Fetch XML. Paging cookie mode will automatically be activated if a grid is configured to show more than 5000 records when connected to Dynamics CRM Online.
  • Inactive Records Read only Forms

    Editing inactive records in The Portal Connector MVC forms will change the form to Read Only unless otherwise specified in the config settings.
  • Client-Side Required

    TPC MVC widgets that can be made required can now also be made client side required. This provides the designer the ability to enable and disable the required validations using JavaScript.
  • Grid Client-Side Events

    Grids in The Portal Connector can now have their client-side events be configured from within the designer so they are automatically wired up when the grid is bound.
  • Grid Button Customization

    All buttons on all TPC MVC grids can now be customized with icons, text and other styling
  • Visible Dynamics CRM Error Messages

    Errors from Dynamics CRM including from plugins and workflows can now be configured to be visible to the client when submitting forms
  • TPC Static Value Frontend View

    Added custom view to the Static Value widget that allows users to see what data is being submitted to Dynamics CRM when populating from logged in users "Contact ID" or "Parent Customer ID"
  • Rules Manager Contains Data

    Added trigger options to the Rules Manager to trigger when a field "Contains Data" and "Does not Contain Data"
  • Validator On Load Validation

    Added "on load" validation to the TPC Validator. This allows validations to be triggered when the page loads and notify the customer of the validation
  • Filtered Option Sets

    Added the ability to filter out option set options from within the TPC Picklist designer.
  • JavaScript ReadOnly API

    Added new JavaScript API to all TPC form widgets allowing them to be set to readonly. This prevents fields from being edited but will still submit.
  • Grid Loading Indicators

    Added loading indicators on all grid commands so interaction cannot be made with the grid until it has finished processing.
  • Kendo Themes

    Added the ability to change the Kendo theme for all Portal Connector widgets that use Kendo
  • Identity Service

    Added a new service to The Portal Connector that allows developers to get the identity of the logged in user from JavaScript
  • Export Data to Excel

    Added support for exporting data from grids to Excel without any additional script includes.
  • TPC Form Configuration Client-Side API

    Added API to the TPC Form Configuration that allows users to get the record ID. Lookups can now also be filtered off of the TPC Form Configuration widget.
  • Skip Sitefinity Submission

    Added advanced property to the CRM Form Manager "SkipSitefinitySubmission" that prevents form submissions going into the Sitefinity form response submission table.
  • Static Fetch XML Replacements

    Added static Fetch XML replacements for all widgets that work with Fetch XML, including: @now@ - The current date and time @today@ - The current date @today.year@ - The current year @today.month@ - The current month - The current day number

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where session value filtering would not work unless session values were strings.
  • Fixed issue where notes attachments with special characters would not be downloadable or uploadable for both the TPC Notes and CRM Notes widgets.
  • Fixed issue where the "doesnotcontain" filter would not work when filtering TPC Grids
  • Fixed issue where the Portal Connector page designer icons were not loading in Sitefinity 10
  • Fixed issue where the Saved Queries would not work unless the Ecommerce module was installed
  • Fixed issue causing forms to not display when a single field on the form was not configured
  • Fixed issue with TPC Grids preventing sorting on linked entity columns.
  • Fixed issue with the TPC Lookup when the display attribute is set to something other than a String value. Now all values including Entity References are usable as display attributes
  • Fixed issue on the TPC Chart where Boolean labels were being displayed as True and False instead of the intended display text.
  • Fixed issue with the CRM Chart View that prevented changing the series colours from their defaults
  • Fixed issue with Ecommerce products that prevented checkout when the product didn't have a translation for the current pages culture.
  • Fixed issue where special characters were not being submitted to Dynamics CRM when using the TPC Text Field
  • Fixed issue where "stockweight", "iskit", "validtodate", and "validfromdate" fields were not synchronising when doing an eCommerce product sync.
  • Fixed issue where full resynchronization of ecommerce products could not be started from the frontend UI
  • Fixed issue where TPC Boolean field API would not be added to the page when all TPC Boolean widgets on the page are read only.
  • Removed all non queryable attributes from the designer attribute selectors causing presentation issues
  • Fixed issues authenticating with Facebook using the Portal Connector OAuth provider. Updated Facebook OAuth API version to v2.9
  • Fixed issue where the Rules Manager widget would not work with lookup values unless they were formatted in a specific way
  • Fixed issue where the Static Value widget would not submit properly when configured to submit to a Regarding field
  • Fixed issue where default date formatting on grid columns would include too much data
  • Fixed issue with Rules Manager where the rules you were editing would be cleared when you saved your changes to the widget and not the rule first.
  • Fixed issue where status field would not submit to Dynamics CRM under certain circumstances
  • Fixed issues with linked-entities, aliased values and aggregates on all TPC Grids.
  • Fixed styling issues that caused the Sitefinity form builder to jump around when dragging Portal Connector widgets on to the form.
  • Fixed issue where Money fields would not display correctly when the CRM Text Field was set to ReadOnly
  • Fixed null reference exception that occurred when first loading a page with TPC widgets after an app pool restart.
  • Fixed chart preview not showing when applying filters to the Fetch XML based on the logged in users profile data.
  • Fixed issue where TPC Lookup cascade filters were not run unless the cascade field has been changed. The TPC Lookup will now cascade filter on load and on change.
  • Removed case sensitivity on the SharePoint connection URL causing connections to fail
  • Fixed issue where the EncryptGuids property was not changeable on the TPC Form Manager widget
  • Fixed issue with The Portal Connector running Sitefinity 9.2 and above that limited the amount of pages the Accelerator Builder could show.
  • Fixed localisation issues for CRM grids using Option Sets
  • Fixed issue in the TPC Form Configuration where you could select populate from "Contact ID" when the entity selected was not a contact.
  • Fixed issue where accessibility mode on the CRM Lookup does not submit data when the page is running an alternate culture
  • Fixed issue where changes in the Column Editor were not persisted unless the state was invalidated
  • Fixed issue when two "TPC Form Managers" on the same page would not submit properly
  • Fixed styling issues for all widgets that use Kendo Grids
  • Fixed styling issues for backend designers to ensure they provide a consistent preview experience.
  • Kendo versions are now based on the active Sitefinity instance.

Known Issues

  • Enabling Web API requires CRM metadata refresh

    After setting up Web API access in The Portal Connector, you must refresh the CRM metadata in order for correct mapping of responses from CRM.

    Actions Required:
    1. Login to Sitefinity and navigate to the back end.
    2. Click the Administration menu at the top and select Portal Connector Configuration
    3. Click General Setting in the left side menu.
    4. Click Refresh CRM Metadata in the right side menu.
    Refreshing the metadata will take up to an hour to complete. Until it does, forms may not load and submit correctly.
  • Sitefinity 10 Deprecated OAuth Module

    The Original OAuth Module has been deprecated following the Sitefintiy 10 release. This is because Sitefinity made changes to their authentication requiring us to stop supporting our OAuth module after Sitefinity 10.

    Actions Required:
    1.  Back up your OAuth module configuration settings
    2. Uninstall the original "The Portal Connector (OAuth)" module:
      1. Navigate to Modules & Services
      2. Find "The Portal Connector (OAuth)" module, open Actions and select "Deactivate"
      3. Once deactivated, open the Actions menu again and select "Uninstall"
    3. Configure the new Sitefinity external identity providers by following the ​guide in this link:

​Breaking Changes