The Portal Connector Release Notes -

Release Notes - Version 4.1

New Features

  • TPC MVC PayButton

    New MVC based form widget. Allows users to pay for items from CRM using Sitefinity shopping cart.
  • TPC MVC SubmitButton

    New MVC based submit button. Allows passing of form data to the configured page after submitting the form. This widget can be configured to pass variable from a form to the configured page via the query string.
  • TPC MVC ListView

    New MVC based List View page widget. Design template based lists of data from CRM. Allows complete control over what HTML elements are used. Supports ordered lists, unordered lists, tables or any other HTML elements.
  • TPC MVC GridView

    New MVC based Grid page widget. Allows for the creation of tables of CRM data that is sortable, filterable, editable and deletable.
  • TPC MVC Rules Manager

    New MVC based Rules Manager form widget. Show, hide, toggle, enable and disable form widgets based on the conditions of other widgets, page load or document ready statuses.

    The rules manager adds a whole other level of customization to your forms allowing you to create forms that have the ability to only display the fields required based on entered data.
  • TPC MVC Map

    A new MVC based maps form widget. This widget allows designers to add a map to their forms to visualize address and coordinate data from CRM records.
  • Right-to-left support

    Right-to-Left support has been enabled for all MVC form widgets. This allows for correctly displaying RTL languages such as Arabic and Hebrew.
    rtl support

Feature Enhancements

  • Form Field Titles are now hidable

    Added ability to hide field title on widgets that have the option to set the title.
  • JavaScript API enhancement

    Exposed record id and logical name to the form configuration JavaScript API.
  • Grid height enhancement

    Added advanced property to set the height of all the grid-type widgets.
  • Timezone functionality added to the MVC DateTime widget.

    Added timezone functionality to the DateTime MVC form widget allowing users to select the timezone to be sent to CRM.
  • Added configuration details to MVC Form Configuration widget

    Added configuration details to MVC Form Configuration widget. Now designers can see what entity the form is configured for in the form designer without opening the widget.
  • Added JavaScript API features to MVC form widgets

    Update to MVC based forms widgets to allow enabling, disabling, showing, hiding and toggling visibility of widgets. Enhancement facilitates the new Rules Manager functionality as well as giving developers access to these features from the JavaScript API.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed MVC DateTime widget to ensure value is formatted correctly with custom format.
  • Page and Form widgets are now removed from toolboxes when the PortalConnector MVC module is deactivated or uninstalled.
  • Fixed issue that caused the TextField MVC widget to save in a bad state under certain conditions.
  • Fixed issue where customer field would submit incorrectly in forms-based lookup.
  • Fixed performance issues on forms-based lookup widget when displayed in read-only view.
  • Fix issue with TpcImage and TpcSignature widgets not respecting the IsHidden property.
  • Fix issue with TpcPickList form widget not respecting the ReadOnly property on the form.
  • Fix issue in CrmNotes widget where filenames with non-standard characters weren't handled correctly.
  • Fix issue where importing pages on multilingual sites caused the translated pages to be in an unpublished state.
  • Fix issue on accelerators where, in some Sitefinity versions, all exportable pages were not available for export.
  • Fix issue on forms-based subgrid preventing multiple subgrids on the same form from refreshing correctly when the modal window is closed.
  • Fix for saved query paging cookie when the first or last field is null.
  • Fix issue with case-sensitivity on file extensions for FileUpload and Image MVC widgets. Uploaded files will now work regardless of casing.
  • Fix min and max length validation on MVC Text Field Widget (Multi-line and HTML display types).
  • Fixed issue in JavaScript API that prevented the retrieval of values of widgets set to read only in some cases.

Known Issues

  • Upgrading to TPC 4.1 requires clearing your browsers cache

    To ensure your browser has new copies of assets after upgrade, you must clear your browsers cache.

    Actions Required:
    Clear your web browsers cache using the instructions found in this how-to: How to clearing your browsers cache

​Breaking Changes

  • Upgrading to TPC 4.1 requires activation of module

    After uploading the updated TPC assemblies to the web server and restarting the application, some resources are not found.

    Actions Required:
    This breaking change is a result of significant changes to the installation process to allow for uninstallation of TPC. After the upgrade, there is a new module named "The Portal Connector" found on the "Administration > Modules & Services" page. By default, the module is not installed. To correct this issue simply install this new module. After about 2-4 minutes, it will be complete and the existing ​"The Portal Connector" module will be renamed. You may also need to install "The Portal Connector (MVC)" module as well if you are using TPC MVC features.


    In the above image, you can see the top part shows what the Modules and services page looks like after upgrading but before activation of the new module. The bottom part shows what a fully installed TPC 4.1 will look like after the installation is complete. Again, if you use the MVC page and form widgets, be sure to activate "The Portal Connector (MVC)" as well.