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Performance Issue in Forms

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  1. Diana Diana Correa (MiddleEast)
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    10 Feb 2021
    24 Jun
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    We have a form built using tpc portal connector. We have added all the assets to be loaded through local files. However the performance score is below 50. Any tips to how to improve performance in tpc forms?
  2. Omar S
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    04 Jul 2019
    28 Jun in reply to Diana Diana Correa (MiddleEast)
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    Hello Diane

    I know its been several months since you submitted this response and i'm hoping you have found other avenues to address your question, but for the sake of other users, i can attempt to answer this question with general advice.

    Please note, that each widget you drag on to the page creates separate API calls. It follows, the more widgets you use, the more impact it will have on performance. In such situations, it is best to break up the form and to use something like TPC Form Flow or directed page flows using TPC Submit buttons.

    In case your form is readonly, another option would be to use TPC Listview or Sublistview and to fetch all the relevant fields from the CRM. At TPC. we are constantly working on improving performance and it is important to be on the latest version.  

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2 posts, 0 answered