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Multi-Select Option in Picklist

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  1. Adeel Nasim
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    13 Jul 2021
    13 Nov 2021
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    We have a field in CRM with Option Set data type and we want to bind it to Picklist control in portal connector form but when we enable multi-select option of dropdown list values the form submission stop working with multiple values but it works for single value selection.

    Also, we wants to have a list of checkbox with multiple selection that is not available OOTB, only radio buttons with single value selection control is available.


  2. Brady Ward
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    19 Aug 2021
    16 Nov 2021 in reply to Adeel Nasim
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    Hello Adeel,

    Are there any error logs generated when you attempt to submit multiple values through the picklist?

    Also, OOTB there are many different appearances for the picklist. Edit the widget and navigate to the Appearance tab. You will see a dropdown with options for radio buttons, checkboxes, etc.

    All the best,

    TPC Application Consultant
2 posts, 1 answered