Web Portals and a Remote Workforce

Many businesses are grappling with delivering great customer service while their workforce has gone remote and working from home.

Over the past few weeks we have seen an increase of new portals from our customers to bridge the gap and assist in supporting their customers as more and more organizations move towards a remote workforce.

They recognized to stay competitive The Portal Connector could help them roll out robust interactive portals for Dynamics 365/CRM and CDS in no time.

Here are some great examples of web portals you can implement so your customers can self-serve, and your remote workforce can respond accordingly.

Corporate and Personal Profiles

  • As the dynamics of your customer’s working environment changes, they may need to make updates to their corporate profiles and the key individuals that need to be included in their account.
  • Handling this on their own means that your staff aren’t managing this by emails and dropped phone calls.
  • The data managed by the customer is likely to be the most accurate and reliable, as they make changes in real-time and control the accuracy of their information.

Product and Service Orders

  • Providing customers with a means to make a service request online, allows your internal team to respond and schedule those services accordingly.
  • Customers can make their requests, and then track the progress of their request as your internal teams update the requests in Dynamics.
  • Using the web portal, frees up your, already stressed, resources from the phone and email, and keeps them focused on the incoming requests and delivery of service.
  • Ordering products online is an efficient and reliable way to ensure the customer has control over the items they need.Online payments will help to keep your cash flow flowing.

Knowledge Sharing

  • Maybe the biggest issue for your business is disseminating the right information to your customers or members.A portal is a great place to curate the information you have, and you can ensure the right people see the right information through individual security and permissions.

Event Management

  • While most, if not all in-person events are being canceled, digital events are quickly replacing them.Managing these digital experiences still requires tools and a web portal is a great place to handle registrations, payments, and event selection details.

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