TPC New Hours and Extended Support

Extended Support and New Q&A Session Times!

Great news! To accommodate our global customer and partner base, we're excited to announce our Daily Q&A Sessions are now available in new time zones, as well as extended support hours!

Your success is our success, and we want to make sure Portal Connector Customers and Partners around the globe can get the training and support they need, when they need it.

New Time Zones for Daily Q&A Sessions

We are now scheduling our Daily Q&A Sessions at 11:00 PM (EST / UTC-5). Portal Connector Customers and Partners can register for Daily Q&A Sessions here.

Extended Support

The Portal Connector's Support Hours will be extended to 10:00 PM (EST / UTC-5) on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. To get in touch with our support team, submit a support ticket here.

So, wherever you may be located in the world and regardless of your work schedule (night owls and early birds - this means you 😊), The Portal Connector has your back!

To convert to the time zone in your region, click here.  As always, if you cannot find a time that meets your needs, reach out to us and we can work to accommodate.

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