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Phasing Portal Projects

“I want it all, and I want it now”

Customers get really excited about web portals for their business.  You know it and we know it!  Heck, we get really excited about portals too!!

When your customers are faced with an open canvass of portal possibilities for their business, they see the sky as the limit and dream BIG!  Together, we can make their big dreams come true and that is really exciting!!

As you work with customers to assess their business needs and desires for a web portal, keep in mind that things can stall pretty quickly.  Big Dreams mean custom development.  The bigger the dream the bigger the price tag and longer to deliver.  These factors can take the wind out of your customers sails and bring your project proposal to a grinding halt.  Then, you are left with a frustrated and unhappy customer.

Thankfully, there is a way to avoid this pitfall, secure the customer's web portal business and keep them coming back.

Phase your Portal Project Plans

Start with the customers big dreams and tailor an approach that gets them up and running with the small stuff, with a plan to add the big ticket items incrementally over a reasonable time period. 

This achieves two things:
  1. Customer is happy and can deliver a shiny new web portal to their customers
  2. Customer can manage the price tag of adding portal functionality over a longer period and breaks the big dream into smaller expenses.

    Don’t forget, you now have a longer connection with your customer as you deliver the portal elements in their big dream.  And you know – their dreams will only get bigger the more they use The Portal Connector!

At The Portal Connector we want our partners to succeed! We can help by providing demo sites for your customer presentations. In many cases a customer engagement portal will be new to your customer and maybe for you too, we can hop on the phone with you and your customer to answer those awkward technical questions. 

Just looking for information? Reach out to us and we will see what we can do to help.


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