The Portal Connector Trial - Manual Install Required!

Thank you for trying The Portal Connector. There is currently an issue deploying our solution to Dynamics 365. In the short term, to overcome these issues you must install the solution manually by downloading it here and installing it in your solutions area of Dynamics 365.

Download your Trial of The Portal Connector

You can also reach out to us here and we can set up a trial instance for you. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Once you have the solution installed please follow the instructions below.


Thank you for installing The Portal Connector for Dynamics CRM/365.
There is one final step required to setup your trial, please follow the next few directions to complete the setup:

  1. Open your Dynamics 365 organization that you installed The Portal Connector into.
  2. Navigate to Settings --> Solutions.
  3. Double click on The Portal Connector solution.
  4. You should be at The Portal Connector configuration page, if you are not navigate to Configuration.
  5. Complete the form presented on this page.
  6. Your demo portal site will be deployed in a few short moments and an email with your admin credentials will be sent out to you.
For your convenience we have the following short video to demonstrate the required steps.