About The Portal Connector for Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365

Have you ever found yourself using a tool that just wasn’t right for the job?  Improvising to get a square peg to fit in a round hole?  Can you make it work – maybe, but it won't deliver on the results you are looking for.  Something would have to be compromised.

That was us, pavliks.com,  trying to deliver portal solutions to our customers within the framework of CRM.  There were tools, but they were very complex, time consuming and expensive to deliver to our customers.  Even then, if we could get the tools to generate the portal solution, we were still restricted by the CRM platform that is not structured to be a web portal.  It felt like a lose-lose scenario.  So, we set out to change that.

With our advanced knowledge of Sitefinity CMS (a website Content Management System), we built a connector to Dynamics CRM which seamlessly integrates data.  The drag and drop functionality inherent in Sitefinity, allowed us to build modules and widgets which make building web portal elements much easier to do and opened portal development to a wider audience of non-programmers.

The Portal Connector for Dynamics CRM/365

This solution allows the CMS to do all of the heavy lifting, all CRM does is supply the data.  Content Management Systems come with deep functionality that allow users to deliver a rich and diverse experience with their portal and website in one spot.

Our customers were blown away with the solution and experiences they were delivering to their end customers.  We could now deliver a cost-effective solution, using the right tools performing the right jobs, and our customers could self manage their portal.  We now faced a WIN-WIN-WIN situation.

With this success in hand, we decided to share this great technology with other CRM Partners and Customers, so you too can start delivering cost effective portal solutions, using the right tools, that can be easily self managed.

The Portal Connector has been on the market since 2014.  With 4 feature releases per year, the Portal Connector continues to bring value to Partners and Customers, with innovation and inspiration.  Curious what we are currently working on?  Check out The Portal Connector Roadmap!

About Portal Hero

Portal Hero

You may have seen Portal Hero at a tradeshow in the past, you may recognize him from his Blog Series, but who is Portal Hero?

Portal Hero is anyone who wants to deliver an outstanding web portal for exceptional customer engagement.  So hopefully, Portal Hero is YOU.

Be a hero to your company and champion a web portal solution that will WOW your customers

Be a hero to your CRM Portal Practice and include a web portal solution that you can deliver on, in every CRM project.

Portal Heroes have super powers and a secret weapon.  Their powers allow them to produce unique and creative portal solutions, and their secret weapon is – not having to know code.  With drag and drop functions in The Portal Connector, Portal Heroes don’t have to be computer programmers.

Do you want to be a Portal Hero?  I thought so!

Portal Heroes use The Portal Connector to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Looking for a specific feature to help you become a Portal Hero?  Join in on our Forums and we will see what we can do to help.