Member Management Portal Solutions

Member Management Brochure:

Is your Membership looking for more value for their dollar?  Are you struggling to keep up with demands and requests from Members? Are you delivering the best possible Member services experience?

Empowering your Members to access the information and services they want, when they want through an online portal will drive Member acquisition and renewals, enhance Member Satisfaction and Drive Membership Revenue.


Benefits of a Member Management Portal Solution with The Portal Connector




Faster Member Acquisition

  • Automate the Member onboarding process allowing for data and revenue collection 24/7.
  • Self-service capabilities catch potential Members right away when they are ready to apply and buy.
  • Demonstrate the value of a Membership through online service and engagement, driving excitement and desire to fast-track the application process.


Increase Member Retention

  • Simplify Member renewal processes which will increase retention rates.
  • Deliver Member value consistently through engaging online services and content.
  • Facilitating Member to Member online engagement will elevate your value.


Reduce Costs

  • Reduce administration costs by automating Member services.
  • Enable Member self-service support capabilities.
  • Lower data errors and costs by allowing Members to manage and correct their data.


Increase Revenue

  • Enable upsell and cross-sell opportunities during the online registration and renewal process.
  • Automate and streamline Member renewals to drive revenue and cash flow.

Request a demo to see how a Membership Management Portal and The Portal Connector can help your organization Attract and Retain Members, Reduce Costs all while driving Revenue and increasing Member Satisfaction.

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