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Tecplot: Marketing Department Manages Web Portal Exclusively

Company Profile

Tecplot specializes in visual data analysis tools for understanding results from computational fluid dynamic (CFD), other simulation and experimental results. Their flagship product, Tecplot 360, continues to meet the growing need for fast, reliable, easy-to-use visualization and analysis software that helps scientists and engineers effectively analyze, understand and communicate their results to others. Tecplot 360 is an essential tool in many industries including aerospace, automotive, defense, biomedical, chemical, energy, environmental, marine and more. In 2002, Tecplot RS reservoir visualization and analysis software was released to meet the needs of the oil and gas community.


Tecplot had a custom web portal solution that was managed by an in-house developer who also looked after their website. When this resource was no longer available, Tecplot was in a difficult position. Realizing their dependence on one resource to manage their portal and website needs, they were determined to get a new solution that could be managed internally by non-developers.

At the same time Tecplot was engaged in a time sensitive Dynamics CRM upgrade to CRM Online.

Tecplot investigated a few web portal offerings and chose The Portal Connector for Dynamics CRM. Compared to Microsoft Portals, Tecplot found The Portal Connector to be much easier to use. They easily received a trial version, and the solution was more cost effective overall. In addition, customer service was much better and training was easier to access.

“I felt like The Portal Connector team cared about us and wanted to help when we had a problem.”
Brian Mullinax, Tecplot Operations Project Manager


Due to the time-sensitive nature of the CRM upgrade and portal project, Tecplot engaged with The Portal Connector team to build the web portal solution together. Work completed by The Portal Connector Team was reasonably priced, and the training programs provided were extremely valuable in filling in some of the short term learning gaps.

Now that their portal is up and running, Tecplot is able to manage and maintain the solution on their own, without the need for in-house or third party developers. If they have questions, they can access the Daily Q&A sessions hosted by The Portal Connector.

“The Daily Q&A session were extremely valuable. We had to come up to speed very quickly, and whenever we ran into an obstacle, we simply jumped on the next day’s Q&A call. Their Tech Support team answered our questions every time – and actually walked us through the answers, so we learned as we went along.”
Margaret Connelly, Tecplot Marketing and Web Content Manager


Tecplot has identified a number of key benefits since implementing The Portal Connector:

  • CRM Users can manage the solution. Without needing developers to make changes and manage settings. This increases efficiency in the organization and provides better customer service.
  • Account Managers can send invites to users, and restrict access where appropriate. This has resulted in less invalid or unwanted user records being generated. The number of CRM user records has dropped in half, they now have quality data over quantity.
  • The web portal is delivering live data, generated by Dynamics CRM. Previously their data was stored externally and did not provide a real-time experience for the users. This has greatly improved the end users experience.
  • Tecplot has enjoyed using the Sitefinity Content Management System and is considering moving their entire website to this platform, so non-technical resources can manage all of their website content and digital assets.
“The Portal Connector was a very cost effective solution for us, both for the initial implementation and for ongoing support and future enhancements. Our Marketing Department can manage our new portal exclusively which allows our Development team to focus on adding customer value to our products.”
Dan DeLapp, Tecplot Vice President of Software Development

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