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FirstPath is changing the landscape of the telecommunications sector by cutting through traditional frustrations of dealing with Telcos and leading positive growth for everyone.  With a "can do" attitude, they enable Reseller's to provide truly top level services with flexibility and scalability without large investments.

FirstPath is a privately funded tier-1 Telco, building a fibre optic and VDSL network in Australia bringing equal opportunity services to the reseller channel.


FirstPath strives to provide an exceptional customer experience for their expanding reseller network.  When resellers have the tools they need to succeed - everyone wins.

FirstPath was looking for a Partner Portal that provided current information and wouldn't require man hours to constantly update.  Resellers need up to date visibility for the usual CRM Entities, such as Cases and Opportunities.  FirstPath also wanted to publish Custom CRM Entities such as their list of On-Net, Near Net and Other category buildings, so resellers could easily see building statuses.  In addition they wanted their resellers to see all of their end user account details such as services, contract dates and costs.

FirstPath needed a self-management process for resellers to access real time information online, that wouldn't require manually updating the data on the portal.
FirstPath Case Study by The Portal Connector


Peter Hopkinson, Director of FirstPath and Helen Marx, National manager of Carrier Relations determined that FirstPath needed an agile solution that would address their needs, but also in a way that they could maintain themselves.  As they anticipated the changes that come with business growth, it was important that the platform could address their future needs as well.

While they researched and experienced a number of solutions through free trials, their search ultimately led them to The Portal Connector for Dynamics CRM.

Peter and Helen struck up a great rapport with the Portal Connector team and after detailing their needs they engaged in having a trial demo environment built for them.  As FirstPath evaluated the software and worked through their requirements with The Portal Connector team it became very clear they found an agile and responsive solution that they could maintain themselves.  Through honest dialogue and quick response The Portal Connector team quickly earned Peter and Helen's trust.

"The implementation was very quick.  We achieved our first phase requirements within a matter of weeks, going live to our reseller base.  I had expected it to take longer so was pleasantly surprised."
Peter Hopkinson


Through the ease of using The Portal Connector and the ability to use any data in CRM, FirstPath was able to free up 40 hours of administrative tasks per month allowing them to focus on management tasks.  By keeping their data current in Dynamics CRM, The Portal Connector easily creates a secure and real-time experience for their growing network of resellers.

The uptake from FirstPath resellers has been great as they embrace the changes.  The team worked with some key long-standing resellers on initial testing and ideas to ensure they were offering the right solution and that everyone would see benefit.  The portal provides another form of communication in real-time with the network without requiring multiple emails or phone calls - information is literally at their fingertips.

"The Portal Connector gave us the platform to make a fully integrated and secure system for our Resellers to get accurate, real-time up-to-date information on our network availability and have a level of self-management to our interactions with them more efficient, offering high levels of automated communication and the ability to gain access to information and options quickly which is vital in our industry."
Peter Hopkinson

Platform for Growth

Peter and Helen have found their platform for future growth with The Portal Connector. After carefully listening to what their resellers need to succeed they have started planning future phases.

As they continue on this journey, they are confident The Portal Connector is a platform that is as dynamic as they are.

"The FirstPath Reseller Portal solution built with The Portal Connector is our platform to efficiently and securely allow our Resellers to see information quickly and be confident of the accuracy of it knowing that it is connected to our systems in real-time.  It has increased communication between us and our channel empowering them and showing consistently productive development of the tools we can offer them to help close sales and working with them for the best solutions, communication levels and continued innovation to benefit us all." 
Helen Marx