Customer Support Portal Solutions

Customer Support Brochure:

Are Customer Support emails and phone calls piling up?  Are you spending more time and money solving Customer problems than you would like?  Would you describe your Customer Support experience as exceptional?

Reduce your Customer Support costs and improve the Customer's experience by providing a self-serve Customer Support portal.  Enable Customers to solve their own issues before costing you time and money, all while making them feel empowered and better connected to your brand.


Benefits of a Customer Support Portal



Reduce Costs

  • Reduce Customer Service Rep (CSR) staffing costs by supporting more Customers with fewer people.
  • Deflect support tickets from hitting your CSR team by enabling self-service functionality.
  • Searchable knowledge bases will reduce support tickets and increase Customer satisfaction.



Increase Customer Retention

  • Improve Customer satisfaction by providing 24/7 self-serve support capabilities.
  • Reduce the number of touchpoints required to solve support issues.
  • Support Customer across multiple time-zones and multiple languages.


Improve Operational Efficiency

  • Automate workflow and business processes immediately upon support issues creation.
  • Enable Customers to interact with your CSR's on mobile devices and with accessibility features enabled.
  • Real-time Customer engagement tracking allows you to adapt to changing demands.


Drive Revenue

  • Scale quickly to support more Customers and add premium support features
  • Upsell and cross sell Customers with additional products and services that relate to their specific support issue.
  • Provide an exceptional online experience and your Customers will talk, that means referrals!

Request a demo to see how a Customer Support Portal and The Portal Connector can help your business Reduce Costs, Drive Operational Efficiency and Improve Customer Retention, all while increasing your Bottom Line.

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