Wanted: Microsoft Partners and ISVs Looking for a Healthy, Risk Free Revenue Stream

The Portal Connector is the perfect add-on for Microsoft Partners and ISVs who want to enhance their offerings without investing in significant development costs.  Solve complex issues with our proven, state-of-the-art Portals for your customers and create a new revenue stream for your business.





Solve Complex Requirements 


Build Portals in Record Time


Know Your Fixed Costs Up Front


Deliver a High-Performing Portal Solution in Record Time to Solve Your Customers’ Complex Requirements 

The Portal Connector empowers you with cutting-edge technology that is unmatched in the Dynamics ecosystems. Don't settle for restrictive portal tools that require additional costly technology before you can create anything.

Our partners tell us they can win more Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365 deals with The Portal Connector.

“We chose The Portal Connector for Dynamics CRM/365 because we have large customers with Complex needs. They need a customizable portal solution and The Portal Connector can deliver.”


DynamicsCon Attendees! Get to YES Faster With Your Customers When You Know Your Fixed Costs

We get it. Providing firm pricing on portal projects is a challenge. Other portal tools in our space have unpredictable costs calculated on future consumption. We all know what happens when you present uncertainty to your customers - they quickly move to indecision. 

You know what you're paying for with The Portal Connector. Purchase the tool for a fixed price, so you can remove uncertainty and guide your customers to a decision quickly. View our pricing and talk to us about your partner margin. 


Under the Hood, You'll Find Familiar, Standard Technology that Integrates into Other Apps

You won't have to learn one-off technology to gain traction with The Portal Connector. (You can stop googling how to create liquid forms) No extra knowledge is needed, so developers can create solutions right from the start.  

Benefit from superior technology with a small footprint in CRM. Do you need to Integrate into other applications? Go for it! 

We have integration capabilities to:
Power BI
Power Automate

At last, you can satisfy your customers' complex requirements with customized user experiences. Lean on our portal design capabilities to make it so.  


You Can Do More with Our Very Smart Team Behind You

We are deep in the Microsoft ecosystem with the development knowledge to back you up. Maintaining our reputation is a priority, as well as helping you exceed your customer's expectations.  

The Portal Connector Team makes sure our partners get speedy support from us - we can do as much or as little as you need. We honor your relationship with your customer, can be a member of your team, and we will never compete with you. 

We encourage our partners to include a portal in every proposal; talk to us about our partner incentives.


Delivering Repeatable Solutions Just Got Easier

Attending DynamicsCon looking for a repeatable solution to add value to your ISV product? 
As a partner, have you developed a third-party application? 

We can help. 

Add instant functionality to your product offering without the usual high development costs. 

Get up and running quickly and increase the value and sales of your products. 

We also enhance Government solutions with rock-solid security. The possibilities are endless.


Our Company's Middle Name is Portal For a Reason. 

Why Go Anywhere Else?

We are the go-to "fixers" of failed portal projects using other solutions. Why go to the we-do-everything big company first? Portals are all we do. That laser focus means you can give your customers exactly what they expect. 

Lets work together our fellow DynamicsCon followers!


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