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Are your Students frustrated with an old, antiquated enrollment process?  Are you sending your Students to 2, 3 or 4 different systems to complete a registration?  Are you wasting time and money keeping track of Student documents and transcripts?

Make Students smile by streamlining your online Student registration system.  Reduce Operational Costs by enabling Students and Staff to manage data and documents quickly and securely.  Provide the modern mobile friendly interface Students expect.

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Benefits of a Student Management Portal Solution with The Portal Connector




Increase Student Satisfaction

  • Improve Student satisfaction by providing 24/7 online services.
  • Provide a modern online experience in multiple languages and time-zones.
  • Deliver fast access to the questions and services they need, when they need it.


Reduce Costs

  • Shrink support staff costs by automating processes and providing self-service options.
  • Simplify budgeting with predictable low technology costs.
  • Reduce costs to support Student inquiries by providing 24/7 access to Student data online.


Improve Operational Efficiency

  • Simplify transcript and document management distribution and access.
  • Streamline course selection procedures for a more efficient business process flow.
  • Real-time Student engagement tracking allows you to adapt faster to changing demands.


Drive Revenue

  • Scale quickly to support increased Student registrations.
  • Collect payments quickly and smoothly online.
  • Provide an exceptional online experience and your Students will talk, that means Student referrals!

Request a demo to see how a Student Management Portal and The Portal Connector can help your business Reduce Costs, Drive Operational Efficiency, Increase Student Satisfaction all while Increasing your Bottom Line.

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