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Pain to Gain Sale

Retire your Microsoft Portal Pain and Gain the Benefits of The Portal Connector

Switch to The Portal Connector with a migration package and SAVE!


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Gain the BENEFITS of The Portal Connector!

Talk to us about Punting your Portal Pains and Gaining the Benefits of The Portal Connector!

Offer Conditions:

  • Limited time offer, valid until January 1, 2020

  • Must have a live Microsoft Portal, PowerApps Portal or ADXStudio site

  • License must be combined with a Service Package

  •  Annual renewal based on current list price for each version

  • All prices quoted in USD

  • The Portal Connector reserves the right to withdraw, amend or cancel this offer at any time.

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Feeling the Pains of using Microsoft or PowerApps Portals?

Capacity-Based Licensing.
Includes pay per login, pay per page view. (yes, this is coming to you!)
One License. 
One cost for UNLIMITED access to your portal.
Cost Uncertainty.
With capacity licensing, your month-to-month costs will be determined by the activity of your customers or portal users. This introduces unpredictability for your monthly costs.
Cost Certainty.
One license cost for UNLIMITED access for customer / portal users.
Azure Hosting Only.
Portal can only be hosted in Azure Environment.
Flexible Hosting.
Host your portal anywhere a website can be hosted – Azure, on-premise or third-party hosting service.
No Code / Low Code Developer Features.
Provides some drag and drop functions for limited portal features.
Drag and Drop to Build Portals.
Widgets, Modules, Processes and Entities can be easily added to your portal. Use the Visual Page Editor to fully customize your portal layout.
Customization Capability.
Need some customization? Who is “that guy” who knows how to develop with Liquid?
Customization Capability.
With Pro Developer features, code with C#, JavaScript and other technologies.
App as a Web Portal.
Apps provide limited access into the customer experience. This may not provide the rich experience you can provide to your customers with a website portal.
Enterprise Content Management System.
Provides the full website functions, branding and template design you need for a professional web portal experience.

How else do The Portal Connector and PowerApps Portals differ?

View a Feature Comparison to see a Feature Comparison, or head over to our Features page for an extensive list of Features and Capabilities included in The Portal Connector.

Compare the Pricing Models for The Portal Connector and PowerApps Portals, including a scenario that outlines the cost implications over three years for each solution.