The Portal Connector 4.2 Release

The Release of The Portal Connector 4.2 is proof that we care about portals and are driven to provide the best portal experience for Dynamics Customers and Partners!

Version 4.2 - Preparing for the Future!

This release provides enhanced integration and forward compatibility with future versions of Dynamics 365 and Dynamics CRM as they are released. The Portal Connector is committed to delivering the right solution, with the proper technology, that will grow with your business needs now and in the future.

The key features of this release continue to provide easy to use, efficient and inclusive web portal solutions for CRM users and developers alike, with added functionality and flexibility to customize your web portal according to your business needs.

 Key Features:

  • Support for Dynamics 365 Web API – Portals will be compatible with future versions of CRM and Microsoft's API.  
  • MVC User Invite Widget – Ease of inviting your customers to join your portal.

    • Allows you to send out an email inviting users to join your portal in a seamless process.

    • Reduces manual processes by CRM Users to generate new portal users.
  • MVC User Registration Widget – Ability to collect additional information about the portal user and provide a better experience by logging them into the portal automatically.
  • Power BI and Power BI Embedded Integration – Provides portal users with the ability to interact with rich data that can be analyzed to a granular level.

  • Multilingual Product Support for Ecommerce – View products in customer's native language. 

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