The Portal Connector 4.1 Release

The Release of The Portal Connector 4.1 is proof that we care about portals and are driven to provide the best portal experience for Dynamics Customers and Partners!

Version 4.1 - Enhance Your End Users Experience! 

This release provides a robust visual experience for your customers.  Without coding, you can provide your customers with an Exceptional Experience that is visual and highly personalized.

The key features of this release provide additional flexibility to ensure your end users experience aligns with your business processes.  Your web portal should not be determining your business processes, they need to be integrated.

Key Features: 

  • MVC Page Widgets – deliver content faster with modern styles.
  • Right to Left Language Support – has been enabled for all MVC form widgets.  This provides the correct display for RTL languages such as Arabic and Hebrew.
  • Enhanced Charting – import visualizations from CRM, utilizing filters to personalize accurate information for the portal users.  
  • Map Widget – Add a map to your forms that visually represents data from CRM records. 
  • Some examples of CRM data that can been mapped include Customers, Donations, Partners and Members.  
  • MVC Rules Manager – provides more control over the flow of information so it aligns with your business processes.
  • The rules manager adds a new level of customization to your forms, allowing you to create forms that display fields based on previously entered data.
  • Provides dynamic rules for content personalization that does not require coding.

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