Frequently Asked Questions

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What type of training and support is offered?

With The Portal Connector, you get the training and support you need, when you need it! From UNLIMITED Weekly Training Sessions, LIVE Daily Q&A Sessions, Online Forums and Online Case Submission, you get fast access to our knowledgeable team of professionals. Learn more about our Training and Support Options

Do you have a trial or demo that I can evaluate?

Yes of course.  Complete the form found here to have one created for you. We will then contact you directly and send you documentation on how to complete the install.

If you do not have a test CRM instance, you can easily create a free 30 day CRM Online trial. Please note that for trial purposes, the CRM instance that we connect to must be an IFD (Internet Facing Deployment).

How do I submit a support ticket?

To submit a support ticket for The Portal Connector, click here.

Note: you will be prompted to login to your account in order to submit a ticket.

Do you provide custom development services?

Yes. The Portal Connector can help with customization questions via support tickets, daily Q&A sessions, or we can offer custom development as a service for a fee. Contact Us to discuss in more detail.

Does the trial version of The Portal Connector come with any examples or pre-built functionality, or do I have to start from scratch?

A trial of The Portal Connector comes with some pre-built portal elements, such as profile management functionality, case management functionality, knowledge base articles and more.

Note: the trial version is only to review, demonstrate and evaluate the software, and contains certain limitations.

If I purchase a license for The Portal Connector after my trial version, can I transfer the portal elements I have built out so far to my new portal site?

Yes, but it is not recommended. The trial version is simply to review, demonstrate and evaluate The Portal Connector. Any development work completed in the trial site may not be able to be migrated to a licensed Portal Connector site.