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How does The Portal Connector communicate with Dynamics CRM / 365?

The Portal Connector integrates with Dynamics CRM/365 using Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 SDK API. The Portal Connector Dynamics solution consists of 6 entities and is used primarily for user management.

What actually connects the website to CRM – is this something custom or proprietary?

The Portal Connector was created using Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 API, though we could have created our own custom connector this would have been problematic for our customers when new versions of CRM are released.  By adhering to Microsoft’s standards and using their tools we are able to ensure that future version of CRM will be supported as they are released.

What skills do I need to build and manage a portal using The Portal Connector?

The Portal Connector provides a consistent, visual and intuitive drag and drop, point and click environment, that makes it easy to build and manage your web portal without knowing a line of code! For deeper customization basic HTML and CSS skills can be applied.

Do I need to know HTML and CSS?

Not necessarily! You can build and manage your portal without the need for coding, custom programming, or other complex technical requirements. However, we do provide the option to customize EVERY aspect of the portal using C# and virtually any JavaScript, CSS or HTML framework, should you have those skills.

Does The Portal Connector allow for customization?

Most definitely! The Portal Connector is completely and easily customizable to match your business branding and requirements. All portal controls, pages, grids, lists, form, even down to individual fields, have customizable elements.

With our open API, you can customize EVERY aspect of the portal using C# and virtually any JavaScript, CSS or HTML framework. We even provide our widget source code to allow for custom widget development.

Can I customize my portal interface to match my company styling?

Absolutely! The Portal Connector’s drag and drop interface with full customization makes it easy to create templates that allow you to apply standard styles and branding to all portal web pages. All portal controls, pages, grids, lists, form, even down to individual fields, have customizable presentation elements.

Can I have internal users access the portal?

Of course! Your portal can be used by both external customers, vendors, partners, etc. as well as internal functions. There are no limits to the number of internal or external portal users you can have. Internal users may need Dynamics CRM/365 licensing in most scenarios.

Can I restrict the data that each user can access?

Yes. The Portal Connector provides you with complete control over which users can access and/or interact with certain data. You can easily create security roles and apply them to specific pages in the portal or to individual items on a portal page to control access.

Does The Portal Connector support multiple languages?

Yes. The Portal Connector supports 140+ languages, including right to left language support, language cultures, multi-lingual cultures and multi-byte character languages. If you have a global customer base and want to provide an exceptional web portal for all, The Portal Connector has your back! Learn more about Delivering a Multilingual Web Portal Experience

Does The Portal Connector support open-authentication?

Yes. The Portal Connector allows users to sign into your portal website with their social media account. New users will have a contact record created for them in Dynamics CRM / 365, in addition to providing them with a Sitefinity login. Support for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are provided out of the box, with the option to configure other custom authentication methods as well.

Can I enable SSL for my portal site?

Yes. You will need a valid SSL certificate for your domain and applied to your site in IIS. Click here for more information

Can I load balance The Portal Connector?

Support for load-balanced, webfarm and auto-scale environments is included in The Portal Connector Enterprise licenses.

Does The Portal Connector support SAML2?

Yes, The Portal Connector can be customized to use SAML2.

Do the Microsoft API limitations affect your solution?

The Portal Connector solution adheres to the licensing limitations and functionality provided by the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, including API limitations. The API limitations do not affect the functionality or performance of The Portal Connector platform unless the API threshold of your Dynamics licensing is breached in which case The Portal Connector is designed to handle it gracefully with retry functionality and warnings.

Do I need SQL Server to use The Portal Connector?

The Portal Connector requires a database and supports Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Express, Oracle or MySQL. The Portal Connector recommends Microsoft SQL Server.